Thursday, June 01, 2006

dunno wat to name this entry

sigh.. i miss school..
i really wanna go college fast..
i hope i can make it in the july intake..

seriously, like the chinese proverb says: " bu jing yi shi, bu jang yi zhi".. which means something like erm... u have to went thru things of diff circumstances n situation then only u will grow... Well, i kinda agreed with it..serious.

since young, i'm claimed to be the smarter child my parent wise, i think its ok la, but my aunts n all put on high hopes on me, they think that i'm born smart... but i must change my willful n lazy way of life...

frankly, i'm dat lazy partly because they think i'm smart, n tat makes me think i'm smart, then it develope laziness!! hahaa.. but no matter watm i'll still have to blame myself being not humble

studies, okok.. then when i come out to work, then i realise 1 thing.. u may excel in your studies, n u may even get 1st class honest in university, but this doesn't mean u r capable! in working life, certs n knowledge is not in the first place, but maturity, coolness and calmness of a person, then ur capability then lastly, ur paper...

In mere fact,(my boss told me), in this world, there are a lot of companies, but r all companies listed in the wat u call bursa something??? no.. so there is actually no point taking phD or masters certs.. wat they want is the person.. the attitude..

Its no good to be too mature, cuz u'll surely think that u'r older tats y u r smarter, then u wont listen to ur young boss and u;ll give him a real miserable work life... n if u'r too young, and had no experience, your employee is actually taking a big risk in hiring u.. cuz u'r not mature, not calm, n willful!!

i realise 1 thing, ppl with high education r not humble. they think highly of themselves. they think that its really grand to get so and so cert, blah blah blah award in what what what uni... thsi is actually not the way of life... in working life, they don really need all these. what they u to have is basic knowledge n understanding in relevant field. thats all.

So ppl, u dun need to actually rush in studies.. take some diploma courses (at least) then work n gain experience in the field then further ur studies to maybe degree or master n blah blah blah... its no rush.. Well, in england, ppl there either work n study at the same time, or they study then work then study again...

and one thing, i dun understand is that, y do parents actually like to boast of their child's edu??
A: son ah.. u know ah.. got straight A's in SPM oh.. 25 As u noe..
B: Cis so what? my daughter oh.. got 1st class honest in ... uni le...
C: very grand meh? my twin child got scholarship, full u noe, full, to cambridge uni le..
Actually there's no point of boasting, u're just revealing to me that u'r kiasu.. tats alll

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