Thursday, June 01, 2006


someone told me that i'm following kenny sia's footstep
**blink blink i dun get that fella...
k k ... now, i enjoy spending my time blogging
but does that mean i'm following kenny sia's footstep???
that creature says even the way i post things up is similiar to him
is that true?
can some one pls comment...
i really really need a little enlightenment here
well i believes in inspiration..
i dun mind making kenny sia one of my inpiration
or even my blog 'ngau jiong'(idol)
i mean..he's great
but why wanna compare me to him??
i think its ridiculus!!!
i think everyone has their very own way of writing..
own way of expressing themselves, even in blog
so, even if v r similiar, doeant mean i'm copying his way of blogging rites...
i dun mind to be the same as him..
but what is this copycat thing???
u think u so cun ar?
the way u dresses up is already copying ppl's style...
who came out with the fashion styles? designers...
then since u so smart u create ur own styles la
so hai
u know how to comment n criticises on others, y dont u take a mirror n take a good look on urself!!! u think u'r so perfect kah???
yes?? yes ur lan jiao!!! i tell u even ur dick stink to the max!!!
shit ass
i tell u wat...that bloody mouth is yours u can say anything u like
but this is MY BLOG
n i do n watever i like wit it
why the fuck u care so much i follow who who who??!!!
ur problem kah?!?!?!
u dun like, ng sun wan then dun read la
i din force u to read oso
the law din state that u must read my blog oso
so shut the fuck up!!!!
even if the law did says this, what makes u think u'r such GGOOODDDD citizen to follow????


ThE GuY WiTh tHe FoRk anD SpOoN! said...


jennyung said...

kenny sia?? u're copying me!