Tuesday, June 27, 2006

miracle dinner

yesterday, i dunno wat had happen to all my family members, non feel like eating.

well, dun feel like eating is one problem. Another matter is, the adults are feeling lazy n dowan to cook.

dun feel like eating n dowan to cook doesnt mean v no need eat wan. still, have to eat for the sake of eating ma...i had no choice but to volunteer myself to rape the kitchen.

there's nothing much there to eat, since adults they didnt buy any raw material in the morning...

i took out, baked beans, n eggs. Then, i walked down to the shops n bought some vege...then dad complain that its too old. Dun blame me, u nvr have taught me how to choose good young n healthy vege k...

me, cook a little rice, half of the amount v usually cooked. Then baked beans, then bro suggest ommelette soup...practically, v ate wat i eat in camp.

Everything was just too easy for me haha...till i'm cooking the ommelette soup. dad came into the kitchen n interfere!! *i dun like it at all
"eh put in more eggs ah... 4 eggs?? not enuff la..."
"y u very hungry meh? i tot u say u dun feel like eating?"
"aiya, i say put more eggs means more eggs la"

"yeah, watever, i'm the chef of the day, i cook watever i want!"

as the soup was almost done, dad came in again
"eh did u put in chicken cubes? shud taste ncier with it.."
"eh di, pls la, u wan me cook then dun kacau me la. PLS, leave me n my soup alone!"

i went to the washroom, to clean my hands, then guess wat happen. Dad threw in a knocc (is this how u spell it) chicken cube n the soup transform in colour, from clean nice soup to a yellowish colour, it smells soooo chicken cube.

i dun like it at all. look sucks to me n i bet it dont taste good as the original ones (ahem). nevertheless, everyone ate. mum n sis n aunt really eat little only. me, normal portion, then bro n dad complain not enuff, so, have to cook more rice n all...

not hungry huh??
man... great pretenders!

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