Wednesday, May 31, 2006

my work life

Today... is my 2nd month of working in this Real Estate, as a clerk....but since my job scope is more towards secretarial work - for i does things more than an admin clerk would do... i called the profession as secretary with a clerk's pay!

company logo

In case some of you dunno... I'm currently working in this company called iProp Realty Sdn Bhd...directly under one of the four founders, which in certain company u address them as director, some call it managing director n some name it as general manager... here v call them directors ...

not his type of director of course

The company was just founded approx...2 yrs ago...As i've just mentioned, there are 4 founder, which actually means there are 4 branches: DU, Subang Jaya, USJ n SS2 which is the HQ..n i'm working here...=) in real estate world, its consider quite a big company tho...they work EVERYTHING online..that is the reason why i could use the internet while working..cuz my boss believes in improvements, motivations, technologies n communications...i wont say much bout the company, if u r interested in buying or selling or renting properties... visit then to find out more...i mean, maybe i have no interest in property, therefore i find it a little bored..but its up to u to judge!

interview with THE STAR newspaper : STAR Classified (Sat 7th Jan 2006)

MY daily work includes of emailing, updating websites, picking up calls n etc, then he taught me accounting (he used to be an auditor) n from there i'm put in charge of the company's accounts. My new assignment: watering my boss' plants and washing his tea pots! Its an easy job.. n IF i did it, he'll be in good mood.. IF i forgotten or some wat reason, he wont show face.. i mean, he's very easy-going but can sense the displeasure within him... N now.. my new-er job: reading the rules n regulations of any contest form he brought back from anywhere at anytime n fill in his particulars....

Does this consider as easy money?? Tho i get only like 800-1000 per month...

Working here is ok... the only thing i hate most is lunch time!!! i've got only an hour break n wats worst is... no one can accompany me during that time.. i bet no one on the globe would love sitting down at hawker n enjoy ur meal AALLLLOOOOONNNEEEEEEEEEE........

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