Thursday, May 25, 2006

Crap: Chapter 1 - Education (tigers)

To prevent making the previous post THE ONLY ENTRY OF THIS BLOG, i decided to crap... bout TIGERS! dont u think limleh is sexy??
TIGERS, they're huge, fast, fierce n furry, n they are categerised as cat, big cats to be accurate. U may ask, why? how come? Well, allow me to tell ya,
  1. Because my parents told me so
  2. Because my primary science teacher taught me so
  3. Because the documentary says so
  4. Because the zoologist says so
  5. Because the scientist says so

Tigers, are not just tigers. There'r many types (spesies i mean) of tigers:

There u have the Siberian Tiger

The white Tiger

The asian Tiger

The American Tiger

The African Tiger (Specialty: being ended up on human bodies as accessories)

this is a necklace made out of tiger's eyes... worth more than RM100,000

And... least but not less, The Chinese tigers (famous being ended up in cooking pots!)

i din know that tiger meat goes well with fishes..

As every one can see, they are not tame, unlike some of their fellow cousin: the domestic cats.

Tiges have HUGE JAWS, REALLY sharp teeth n claws to help them to hunt & kill prey faster and easier.

Their favourite food: Fat asses..

Kids out there, sorry to scare u off.. i mean, really, if u dun wanna be in a tiger's stomach, pls pls n pls cut down on your chocolates n sweets n blah blah blah.. well i now it taste good but i'm sure u dowan tigers to love u as a wholesome meal...rite?

Right. back to tigers. Tigers are mammal. What is mammals? Well, do u know there's a BOOK called Dictionary??? Go buy 1 (if u dun have) or get from ur cabinet/shelf n check!!! dude Make good use of what u have...

Rights.. talking bout dictionary, and making good use of what u have, i think i shouldn't have type so much... cuz there's documentary, encyclopedia n all.. hmmm.. and 1 more thing, i dont like to "snatch ppl's rice bowl", so i guess i shall stop here n leave the tiger stuff to the experts..hehe..

**parents / guardian(s), dont u think this entry is just too perfect for your kids???

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