Thursday, June 01, 2006


Today, boss came in late (as usual).. n i had a little extra time to blog...
as he comes in, the very first thing he asked me was: did u water my plant?
me: yup
boss: did u water it ytd?
me: nope...
boss: good job!
* he say water only once every 2 days

but he din know 1 thing.. i did not water his plant since last saturday!! LOL...

Then he summon me in to his room n there v had our chats...

boss: so.. its begining of a month.. how do u feel?

me: good??

boss: good? hhmmm...great.. did u find hard working with me??

me: nope.. (haha of cuz no lar.. u let me use internet, n owiz not in office...keke)

boss: actually i'm not really satisfied with your performance, as u know, u'r still in probation period..i can terminate u anytime..

me: *blink blink... Really??? (cool, terminate me then..i wanna go college!)

boss: u know, u r very careless in your work, n it doubles up my time to check back your work then gotta wait for u to amend it then have to chaeck back again...u know...

Me: YUP.. i understand that! *whink whink

boss: now, i would really want to know what's the reason behind all these.. R u like that when u'r in skol?? (of cuz not.. skol is way fun than here, how could i make mistake in enjoying myself???)

me: nope.. never (duh!)

Boss: then what is wrong with u?? R u nervous??

me: nervous? wat for?

boss: well, i hired a girl long time ago, she make mistakes like u.. so i asked her n she says very presure.. once c me then will feel nervous..

me: ...

boss: do u think the work load here is heavy? or u just dun feel comfortable with the enviroment? or u find urself cant cooperate with my other negotiators??

me: nope!! its all right..

boss: then can u pls tell me wats the problem..

me: dunno.. (well frankly, if i knw wats up with me, then i wont make mistake rite...)

boss: Well then in that case, speak something to defend urself.. tell e that u r not like that.. that u can gimme better performance..

me: wat is there to defence?? i dun c the point of defending the past

boss: well i believe that u are way better.. i wouldn't say that i'm disappointed, but seriously, if u kept making mistakes, then i think its better that i do these things by myself..

me: (good idea!)

Boss: i'll extend ur probation period!!

me: ...

** this is filtered, or i shall say summarised conversation.

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Ey, you know what.. KDU's School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary already had their Open Day wei.. I THINK, tomoro still got.