Thursday, May 25, 2006

when a tiger enters village

Hello everybody...Well i seriously dunno wat to say but thank you for 'visting'. To those who knew me well enough, hmmm guess u should know that i dun go online often.. haha surprise then.. i've got a blog (duh..) Sorry to disappoint u but i still gotta tell ya this, THIS ENTRY, may and might be my ONLY ENTRY , of this blog... haha.. Well well, i know u may ask y n all, but pls think.. ur fren, that is me, used to be noisy, note : used to be, and.. i dun have a great brain like kenny sia or xia xue, n i'm not really that free to think wat to post up (partly, i'm lazy..)... yup..yup.. i know i know, u'r feeling bored now n i gotta work now (boss is coming in soon) so i dun think i'll continue to crap..
thats it..good bye..and thank you..God bless ya!! Muax..

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