Wednesday, March 23, 2011

shake your bootyyyyy...

OMG i am so pissed off!!

You know the nail polish contest you guys have helped me? I tell you hor superly angry. I was at first almost leading and now super far behind.


Like I said, i was almost leading, and I thought ok lah been acting pathetic and bimbo-ish for about a week sunday rest only lah. Manatau Sunday Midnight my sister checked, and there's this girl newly joined the contest and kick everybody's asses.

AND NOT TO MENTION, suddenly the girl who was leading has 80+ votes. From 24 to 80!!! WTF

Was it because i chose to rest on a wrong day or my social circles are just way too small?

Oh wait, my social circles are small. I dont have many many friends, but my friends are all great people. I dont have friends that run away when i needed help i dont have friends that stay away when u need a shoulder...

I do know many people and I know I have yet to ask everyone I know and the thing is I only talk to the few great people in my life and I rarely talk to any other friends. Anyway my point is I dont wanna be a person who comes to you only when I needed help then pat pat backside go off when I've got what I wanted.

I've met this kind of people and i dont like them so i do not want to behave like them. In fact, I already feel so bad for asking people I dont really talk much to like Hamster and some ex classmates...

And I really dont understand, how the hell u get 100 votes? Not to brag or self praise or what, I'm a nice person and I open mouth ppl normally help except for my nasty cousin Justin. And my sister helped me with 20+ maybe 30 votes, another cousin has brought in another 10 maybe? And I think I'm very grateful and flattered already lor.

But now u have 100 -_- are you trying to suggest that you're a even nicer person than me? OK, fine maybe I should give a benefit of doubt, maybe u have 4 siblings who so happen to be as free as my sister day and night helping me to beg for votes.

Ok. Maybe that's the case.

So now, eventhough I have about 60 something near to 70 votes, u think I should continue begging for more? The highest number of "like" so far is 103...zzzzz

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