Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hot Air Balloon fiesta

I didnt go because ... it rained.

First year, i didn't know about it. Last year I had class -_- and this year thanks to the unpredictable weather I'm again an envious ulu stalking on other's fb photos.

Maybe hot air balloon and me mou yun fan. Lol

Brenda was a darling to Whatsapp the fatty about the event and told him to surprise me by bringing me there. He said he will try his best to finish up his assignment (which to me, assignment = WOW). But since no big balloon to ride he hit the gym instead. On a Sunday -_-

So I spend my lazy Sunday afternoon learning to tie cun-ted hair

Look at the twisted braid ^^

And, I've mastered fish tail braid hehehe. It's easier to tie when ur hair is long enough and non layered (or maybe very little layer).

I tell you I seriously think I am studying the wrong thing! I should be in the beauty line or design, I should be the next most sought after stylist or shoe designer.

Note number two, I bought matte top coat from China Glaze for only rm7.00 Actually it's priced at RM25 plus rm9 shipping, I used the rm27 voucher the seller gave me as an compensation to the lost parcel so just top up the remaining lor.

I know lah, when u read that since she compensated me why I still so kiasu and greedy wanna win the OPI Black Shatter polish right. That is because Black Shatter is LIMITED EDITION and the bottle she's giving out could be the very last bottle on earth!

I'm not exaggerating. I tried every nail salon and beauty houses I could find. ALL SOLD OUT

Anyway this matte top coat is different from other top coat cause it gives a matte finish, meaning no shine shine. It's like a layer of glaze over your regular polish. You can see the colour is like barley water instead of clear transparent..

Here's the difference I googled - normal vs matte. Different brand but same effect...

But I dont know why lar, normally China Glaze polishes are 14ml, but this top coat is only 9.6ml. At first I thought I kena con also, then i googled, it comes in one size only 9.6ml =(

And last random note, I finally tried MACARONES!!!

Strawberry, Passionfruit, Salted Caramel and Peanut butter...

RM3 each from LAVA 1U (opposite cold storage and Daiso). Freaking expensive but that's the cheapest so far in KL/PJ. I saw a cafe in Bangsar Village 2 selling for RM5.

I know lar it's nothing special to you you you who once stayed in Australia or UK or.. outside Malaysia. People here ulu mar okayyyy =/


cheahwey said...

lol i didnt try them in oz but i did try them here in KL. I didn't like it. maybe because it was cherry flavour.

-Littlenicky- said...

i love them! i love the taste and the texture... i tot cherry should taste good

where u had them?