Saturday, March 05, 2011


Hello friends!

It's been long time since i last logged in to this account. That is because google deemed this as a spam blog -_- but i do get alot of spam comments. Anyway it's all good now so nvm.

Today I am going to blog about my menstrual cycle.

If you followed me on Twitter (anyway its on the sidebar) you'd realised I've scolded someone for the inconsiderate and childish opinion. And yes that someone is my dearest bf sad to say -_-" By the way did I mentioned to anyone of you that before he met me he thought period was like peeing, except it's blood? Release when u need to and that's it wtf how I wish it was THAT easy.

People like Bird always say things like "eyer your pussy bleeding. Yucks so dirty" *rolleye Helloooo no period your mother cant get pregnant then you wont be standing here now! You think we dun think its disgusting? You think we like it? You think we enjoy it? Every month okay u think very fun ah?

And for goodness sake. I stained your brand new mattress because IT CAME WHEN I WAS SLEEPING SO OBVIOUSLY WILL LEAK LAH. Did you know how he reacted when he saw the red patch of blood on his bed and on my WHITE PANTS? - Literally jumped up from his chair and stopped his gaming, keep pointing at the red spots and scream "OMG OMG OMG".

Wtf body so big and shows off his muscle everywhere he goes but react like a girl. Really sat lai sai.

And worst of all, I dont know for what reason I puked my lunch out while I was peeing and immediately after that I can feel my brain is like, growing rapidly and the pressure was so great as if it's gonna explode like a balloon anytime soon. Whole body shivered and sweat at the same time. I'd say this is the very worst period I've ever had!

I crawled to bed and lied there till after midnight, when he came back from gym. The moment he opened the door I can hear him say "very smelly very smelly". Because I didnt wash up after puke but how do u expect me to do so I already feel like dying! I dont want to fall in the toilet on the pile of vomit, without any bottom.

And he woke me up forced me to clean up and brush my teeth and also forced me to eat something when I dont even feel hungry. Plus I dont want to puke again lor. And even after cleaning up u know what he say? "i'd kiss ur cheeks but not ur mouth cause got alot bacteria cause u just puked" -_____-

After hearing that literally want to vomit blood i tell u grrrr...

Summor after the vomiting I slept on his sister's bed ma. And I only had the normal ones with me. Usually first day I wear overnight extra long to prevent leak. So, kena his sister's bed again lah. Now my fault wert right!! Kena scold u know.. really too much ah this Fat Wong!

Oh but anyway I'm good now but still careful with what I eat.

Now I rmb. My stomach was empty the entire day till around 5pm i stuffed myself with Auntie Anne's hot dog pretzels and Almond Pretzels. Maybe cause of that lor... possible right?

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