Monday, February 14, 2011

Louis Vuitton

Me never likey...

Perhaps the bags are just too, vintage looking? Like, the monogram and damier canvas. What so nice?

And of course, second reason is too many fakes out there. No one will know whether you're carrying a real or a fake bag. I pay so much for a bag obviously I want the entire world to know that my bag is authentic original real tulen.

But now, I've found 2 which I like.

LV Annie GM in White Multicoloure

LV Alma in Rose Florentin.
I think this colour is no longer available.

Both also cost above Rm5000. I have expensive taste hahahaha.

You know the usual speedy or neverful cost about RM2000-3000, maybe big ones about rm4000 la. And many many fakes....

Ok in case you dont know which is which - left is speedy right is neverful. And this is Lv's classic monogram canvas. The check type is called damier

Haih, if only i put in so much effort and attention in my studies instead of these -_-

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