Saturday, February 05, 2011

Happy CNY 2011


How's your CNY? I spent my mornings with my brother, going around walking and eating and we found a very nice french cafe at Bangsar Village 2 that is so relaxing and the pastries/cakes taste super good. But, comes with a heavy price tag. RM3.90 for a macaron FOL!

Btw, the shop's name is T for Two.

I specially bought OPI Russian Navy Suede for CNY

After buying and trying this, I finally know what's the difference between matte and suede. Suede is metallic but without shine/gloss, matte is non metallic without shine/gloss.

Super love the colour! Painted one thumb for show only cause I use this mainly for my toes.

OPIs are great. They are expensive but worth every single penny! Dry fast, great testure, fantastic colour and many many variety of shades.

But one thing about suede nail polishes is that, you MUST MUST MUST apply matte top coat or else it will fade quite easily like, just a few hard rubs on your nail. And never apply the normal top coat cause the suede effect will *poof* turn back to normal effect nail polish.

And one goodie goodie news! I finally got my brown ZARA bag hehehe!

But it's a different shade, the one i initially wanted was more to tan brown, this is new production batch so the brown is of another shade. Nontheless, still love it

Hehehhe so happy clappy! ^^

I wonder if you've seen CCTV Spring Festival Gala on CNY eve? There's this magic show that makes my family's jaws dropped.

The magic show is somewhere at 14" onwards...

Haih, Andre going UK on Wed but the farewell party belum confirm lagi. Kesian Brenda in a way but, he'll be going for only one semester, 4 mths is fast.

Now hor I really hope that Fatty will transfer to Monash Melbourne. He should be left alone in foreign land so he would appreciate his loved ones more and learn to treat them properly. Or at least, show his love in an appropriate manner! GGrrr...

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