Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hello I overslept ytd

I dont know why but my throat seems to be getting worse. This morning I was blessed with a very sexy voice -_- But it went almost back to my normal voice after a 15minutes of gargling salt water.

I dont understand why only throat? I have no flu no fever, just abit of cough because throat's itchy and the only way to relieve itchiness is to cough.

I cooked porridge for myself. Tried quite hard to remember what the Twins' mother had taught me the other day over the phone but i think i screwed up certain part like, forgot to marinate pork ribs. And i dont know why is the porridge gluey (Pardon me i normally cook Teo Chew porridge, which is much watery)

Can someone pls tell me WHY IS KIM KARDASHIAN SO FAMOUS? I did look up on the internet and apparently it's cause her father's a famous lawyer in Tinsletown and her stepfather's an ex-Olympic gold medal athletic. Due to this she knows many other famous people which makes her famous, plus, her sex tape -_-


I believe there must be many other famous lawyer in California and there must be many more other ex athletic or sportsman and not to mention nowadays making ur own sex video is so so so common, but why only Kim Kardashian gets so bloody hell famous?

She is probably pretty, have big boobs and huge ass. She's too short to be a runway model. She cant sing and she doesn't act. And she's not inheriting alot, unlike Paris Hilton or Aerin Lauder.

Why only her?!

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nice..i like it