Sunday, January 02, 2011

Bang Kok

I was told that Bangkok means "Village of Olives" on the tour to the floating market but now the Thais call Bangkok... erm, Krong Tip or something, which means City of Angels.

If you think that I have bought alot of stuff back and expecting to get something, then sorry you are wrong. Because yours truly here only managed to find and bought A DRESS from JJ Mall. I seriously dont know whether to laugh or to cry

Chatuchak was supposedly a place for me to shop and Bird's mum and dad purposely reserve a day for me to go to this weekend market cause I have yet to buy anything from anywhere. Instead of me sapu-ing stuff, his dad did. He bought 4 polo tee at RM28 each, 5 ties at RM1 each -__- and 4 pairs of socks for RM10.

The dress I bought was RM32. Originally RM39 but I negotiated a bit, I know I could get even cheaper if I were to bargain harder but I was already quite devastated and tired so I gave in.

When we arrive at Chatuchak, everyone was just started to set up their stores cause his dad dragged us out of our bed at 8am and summor complained that we're all late and slow, but manatau, we were way too early. And, we went to the WRONG SECTION. Instead of clothing, we spent half the day walking through rows and rows of decoratives, statues, furnitures etc T_T

Overall, Bangkok is so much nicer than KL, so much cleaner. If you're interested in shopping, i'd advice you not to go new malls like Erawan, Paragon, Amarin.. cause these are the high high high high end mall.

We stayed in Silom, which was an Indian town. It's like Bricksfield, but better and more neat. The hotel also full of indians, they even have one section of breakfast specially for vegetarian Indians -_-

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