Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm heading north on Wed!

Plan fixed, it's Bangkok!!!

But instead of coming back on the 1st, I will be back only on the 2nd which is Sunday -_- Hate to miss Sunday service but what to do, the parents told Bird to ask if I'm ok with coming back on Sunday and he forgot to ask me and so the parents assume that I'm ok then booked the tickets and everything else. Just only I found out.. damn geram!

Anyway one happifying thing is, wasai no need go Tiger Temple anymore!!!

Bird's mum wanted to see the tigers and she said can see in Bangkok, and she told me monks take care of the tigers. All I had in my mind was like some parade show in Genting or Sunway Lagoon where the cats were heavily chained.

Regardless of... anything, I dont like this activity lar.

So upon further look up on the internet, wtf, the tigers are kept in temple (fml #1) and apparently roam freely in the area (fml #2) and taken care by monks (fml#3) and the temple is 4-5 hrs drive away from Bangkok city centre (fml #4).

Then I check more, ok, it seems that ever since there's a significant growth in the number of visitors the tigers are kept in cages most of the time and leached to a monk for their daily walk, that's when tourist are allowed to pet them take pictures with them or even feed them.

The more I check the more I scream FML. Because, Bird's mum initially thought that she will be able to see tigers in Bangkok itself but the truth is you will have to arrange private tour at the floating market to the whatever province which is border to Myanmar (fml #5 who knows maybe suddenly the Burmese decided to hijack our car). Entrance fee to the temple itself costs 600baht (fml #6 eventhough not I pay) and transportation of course, charged separately.

Most FML part is, tour, of course they have their own schedule... since the place is far so, they will pick you up from your hotel at 5am (fml #7), some schedule will bring you to floating market to buy breakfast FOR THE MONKS then around 7.30am you will EAT BREAKFAST WITH MONKS. Some schedule starts later, around 8-9am, reach the temple about noon, AND YOU WILL EAT LUNCH WITH MONKS. So this will be fml #8

Dont get me wrong, I am not against any botak heads. Just, I've not been to ANY temples before and ... dont say I christian lah, will you free thinkers or buddist even sit down eat with monks? Ok, maybe you dont mind but most ppl I know surely would choose not to...

I still remember 2 yrs back during the trip to Penang/Langkawi, his dad actually wanted to bring the sister's then-bf and family to Batu Caves to .. see monkeys I think? The plan was eventually cancelled due to time constrain but this Bird lar big mouth go ask the parents why change plan then the mum n sis talk and talk and in the end his dad decided to resume the plan -_- I can still rmb I cried and cried and cried as if I've just been raped, even though I didnt step down was in the car the entire time (but the car is in the temple's premise!!) cause really, HAVEN BEEN TO TEMPLE BEFORE!

So I told Bird bout the eating with monks part and I couldn't help but to laugh out really loud at his reaction "F*** man I'm staying in hotel not going to eat with monk" and apparently I will have to stay with him if the parents were to go.. First of all, I'm not even interested in seeing tigers and I am sure that the parents will not force us to go with them. I'd rather go underwater world haha!

Oh well, thank God that the mother lost her appetite for tigers as soon as she gets my sms. *relieve

[really, I dont mean to offend your religion or priest in any other ways. ]

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