Monday, December 20, 2010

I've cut flat fringe again =D

晨早站在街, 残过有二奶

Watching the new TVB Drama Show Me The Happy, the beginning part damn funny lar hahaha!!

I'll be going to Bangkok somewhere near New Year. Yah, with Bird's parents.

I cant say that I didn't expect the mum to ask. I mean, part of me sort of know that she will ask if I want to go but this time she didnt ask. The parents JUST BOOKED FOR ME and expected me to go along, out of the blue just asked for my passport number because they want to book flight ticket.

I really dont know to cry or to laugh. Really!! I dont really feel I deserve such erm, blessing. But on the other hand it feels good to know that someone showering you with love. I'm in a huge dilemma now cause.. aiya cause I have my worries lah, told Angela only so far.

Initially when I was just preparing and waiting for his mum to ask me I really intended to tell her that I am not going because, aiya, just went Pangkor, bu hao yi si wan lor. But the parents just INFORMED me that they have booked the hotel room so means if cancel then the deposit will be forfeited, and his dad is the type that likes to stay in posh hotels. Means, losing a lot of money unnecessarily.

Go feel bad, dont go feel bad also. Wtf lah!


_VeL_ said...

Pay his parents back some money lah. If you feel bu hao yi si. I think I know what are your worries. If you think future is not there for both of you, not good to have his parents to spend so much on you and treating you like her daughter already.

But if you take it as it goes, then just let it flow la. See how thing works between you both la. Don't have to jump to the conclusion first wan ma.

Anyway, have fun! Sorry for the long naggies. =)

-Littlenicky- said...

You think the parents will let me pay meh? Flight ticket also dun lemme pay

Aiya I also duno lah