Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Xmas Eve

And I'm bored to death. The only thing I look forward to is probably church.

Finally tried Snowflake, the Taiwanese Dessert. What so special?! Just cincau, and some ice and some sugar syrup and some dunno what balls. -___-

Anyway Bird told me he has paid deposit of RM150 for Miniature Schnauzer. I dont know if it's meant to be a surprise but it did surprise me and thank goodness he didn't pick the dog straight, without me.

Reason being:

1) I planning to break up ma. Then now he suddenly buy me a dog means i cannot break up now and even if we manage to break up it'd hurt HUNDRED TIMES more!!!

2) I'm very particular one! I want specific colour and the silver+white MS is not easy to get, even if there were any it may not be a male (becuz new dog is suppose to teman Max also lar I wouldn't want my puppy to conceive some mix breed pups that'd look weird).

The normal MS you see anywhere is salt and pepper which is darker grey + white, too common, I dont want!

Can see the difference? The second picture is not so dark, some MS are really dark like almost black that kind...

3) Own self haven kao tim suddenly have to take care of a dog. Not easy one you know, caring teaching grooming feeding.. need a lot of time and effort! Not to mention I want my dog to attend obedience classes and maybe agility class all these need money one ok!

On top of it, MS grooming a bit mafan, you'll need to bring to professional groomers and each time cost about RM100 but of cause no need bring every month lar, once every 3 mths also need money mar! And I very ambitious one ok. I want to groom my dog as if I'm preparing him for competition and that means more expensive grooming...

Luckily Bird said can take back deposit one lar cause the breeder is a friend's friend. But RM150 only is not much also cause I know most breeders collect RM500 for deposit but again, that is not a way to waste money also. RM150 can buy 3 pairs of heels from Vincci liao...


_VeL_ said...

So that means no puppy? Nvm lo. Get one when you're starting to work lo. Got stable income then can spend more on dog. =)

-Littlenicky- said...

ya no puppy for now. thats what i was thinking too! i want my dog to be FAT FAT FAT hahaha!