Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rest time

Hello long time no see.

I have not been blogging because I've been studying very hard, everyday wake up at 3pm eat bathe then study then dinner then 8.30pm watch No Regret on AOD till 9.15pm then continue study up till midnight bathe then supper then study till 4-5am then sleep.

No Regrets final episodes will be aired this weekend so after this there wont be any more time for tv.

Lately I've been dropping a lot of hair. Must be stress. But there's not much pimple especially those big humongous type just occasionally small tiny pimples here and there and blemishes once a while. But overall skin still in quite good condition, still so smooth however it's a little dull looking and my eye bag and dark circles are quite terrible. So today onwards I will not be going out even if I do I MUST WEAR THICK DARK LAYERS OF EYELINER to camouflage my flaw.

Studying sucks but I'm now in my final stage so, gotta suck it up and do what I gotta do.

I hope my hard work will pay off this time! I'm so tired of failing... gonna feel numb soon.

Bird's mum is angry at me, and Bird. Because she say I so thin i should eat more meat but i only eat vege like today I had brown rice with tofu and bean sprout and didnt touch the meat and fish at all. Whilst Bird's been pure carnivorous by eating only beef, with a bit of rice and no vege and tofu.

Nah, she's not angry at me lah I so guai and lovely hahahaha! She just said I should add more protein to my plate and the son should be eating more vege.

I need someone to massage my head =( cannot ask bird to do it because he is way too strong, asking him to massage my head feels more like asking him to squeeze and squash my head -_-

Haih. 8hrs class this weekend at KDU. Fri Sat Sun. =(((((


cheahwey said...

so why are you not taking protein?

-Littlenicky- said...

I'm not a tiger? haha... i dont know lar, my stomach couldn't take so much protein.. it feels weird and when i had meat over-dosage, automatically i will crave for salad for few days!