Sunday, November 28, 2010

ABC 123

So tired!

3 days in a row, I attended class from 10am to 5pm with 1.5 hour break. But I gotta say it's quite useful, unlike other revision classes which is really a waste of my time. For example, F5 and F4, I learnt nothing and none of my questions were answered none of my doubts were cleared. None the less, passed both the papers and now I am facing final few.

I went in to class blur and blank. By right I should have revised and memorise all facts and theories but it was clearly my mistake that I've forgotten to bring my audit books over to Birds place to revise before entering class, so no choice, I touched on other subjects instead.

But after these revision classes I strongly believe I can sleep at normal human sleeping hours ie sleep at 11pm wake up at 8 or 9am. But, I enjoy studying at weee hours. It's just so calm, and serene and peaceful.

Lecturer talked super fast today I couldn't catch up man. Not to mention I was tired and sleepy and half my mind is half off.

And today got super a lot of stuff to copy. I need a hand massager now lor.. T_T

Then I thought of a brilliant idea! I made good use of my camera hehehe. Instead of copying notes, I took picture of the notes, and bring back to type out then print hehehhe!

So smart right.

That's Brenda's note up there. I dozing off in class, and hand tired so snap only lo..

Took many pictures of projector slides. Imagine lar, need to copy 20 of these each day and a few long ones, for 3 days ok..

got ppl cannot tahan hence brought laptop to class to type in straight.

I wanted to follow wan, but Bird's laptop is super heavy and bulky I sked will spoil my Longchamp. And he doesn't have any laptop sling bags, only those backpacks.. I dont want backpacks so.. I dropped the idea.

Hello. Dont you miss me? Taken by Brenda...

No eyeliner cause my eyelids were red and sore. I wore eyeliner for first day of class but then second say onwards I noticed I kept rubbing my eyes so I removed it and 3rd day didnt bother to put any at all!

Yesterday I was granted permission to go home (sound as if I'm held hostage hor?) and had a good time with brother. Sometimes I really hope he's my bf. Like, serioussslllyyyy.... He makes me happy, he'll stay by my side see me study eventhough he understand no shit bout accounting, he knows I cannot stand dirty toilet so he washed it sparkly clean so I could do my business.. he just knows what I want.

This is something Bird can never ever ever give.

Bird is more like those, I sayang you thats why I buy you what you want bring u out eat what you like, those kind. Those that throws and fills you materially. When comes to touching a girls heart or things related to feelings and emotions he is a real dungu, a super loser.

When your bf buys you something, any girl, anything, you'd feel happy but that happiness is never lasting. In fact it lures you to getting another material goods in order to feel love. In the end you find yourself feeling empty and hollow inside.

Maybe it's just me?

But I believe, those intangible love and feel (like those my bro showered me) is priceless and super duper lasting! Just by thinking of it make my day, bright and shinny.

12.24am liao. Sleep lah.

Nighty night! Love..


cheahwey said...

I'm going to show my brother this post!

-Littlenicky- said...

what for? so he'll wash the toilet when he's back? hahaha