Sunday, November 07, 2010

La la dee doo dum~


I have not been blogging for couple of days, which means I have not been studying.

saw something damn funny on Lowyat Forum. I wanted to find if there's anyone selling professional make up brushes then accidentally saw this thread - First Time... Need advise


I 'm not a sex expert but I surely know that after jacking off 3 times, WHERE GOT STRENGTH TO DO A PROPER SESSION?!

Must be a small kid who thinks ejaculating is something like peeing.

I went to Zara again on Friday, this time to buy the brown bag. Boohoohoo.. SOLD OUT! Then I asked the SA to check if other outlets still have the bag, and he did but he said everywhere else is sold out too, left black, no more brown T_T

Ok. Back to books.

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