Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FML I missed my revision class today cause my phone ran out of battery!


I dont know bout you but I really do believe make up does wonders. But can you imagine if you're her bf (about to marry her that kind) and perhaps after a long period of time she feels comfortable enough to reveal to you her true face, wasai if I'm that guy I'd faint!

It's like, Snow White suddenly transformed into a witch!

I'm not being sour grape nor being hypocritical here, but sometimes when someone shows me some leng lui's pictures, I'd go like "ok lar.." because I know, under the thick dark eyeliner hides a normal nothing special face.

I feel it's not wrong to wear make up or make good use of make up to enhance your look but I'm quite against this kind of make up where the before and after is so dramatically different! It's like 2 different person!

Personally I dont like thick make ups - I dont wear foundation, concealer etc base unless I'm attending some functions or events. But even if thick, I feel as long as people can still recognise your before and after make up face it's still ok (maybe like Xiaxue) , but like this kind (link), it's called abusing make up!

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