Thursday, November 11, 2010

Birthday Post


Birthday was pretty unexpected cause, got drama. =D

The day started with the two of us overslept up till 2+pm. Initial plan was to get our asses up at 11am then head to Gardens for lunch.

I knew we couldn't start the day earlier so at first I said go out bout 3-4pm for some desserts then serious, romantic, yummy dinner. But he wasn't too keen on skipping gym so had to push everything way earlier. But obviously since it's my big day and we both woke up late, he had no choice but to ffk his training partner in order to please the princess ^^V

Btw, he woke me up by singing happy birthday.

I forgotten to bring my small eyeshadow brush with me so had no choice but to use Bird's mum's huge ass concealer brush to draw eyeliner.

I tell you I'm a pro! Cause it takes less than 3 mins to complete the make up including blusher.

Dress bought online.

It used to be longer and looser but after one wash it shrunk and now it's rather short and small for me -_-

Here's my hair.

Had no choice but to simple tie this cause my rubber band broke :(
Wanted to tie fishtail braid. Something like this, fringe everything same but of course my hair is not this long...

But thank God for blessing with wonderful hair cause half way through I realised I can actually wave-kan my fringe and it look so good =D

I paired it with this Vincci+ shoe because my wedges' strap came off FML!! But good also lah since the dress is short...

The happiest part is I had total control over him. I warned him to dress appropriately and commanded him to wear the pair of loafer his sister bought. And I forbidden him to play WOW the entire day hehehe..

Look what he has done to his room, cause he couldn't decide which shirt to wear - must be 1) decent 2) comfortable 3) doesn't make his body look small..

In the end he opted to wear Banana Republic. A plain tee, I dont approve wan at first but then think think nvm lah, high class enough so off we went. Ellie must be grumbling when we left haha!

We had our lunch at Alexis, Gardens. Heard much of that place but never gotten the chance to try it.

He's finishing my (leftover) Ceasar Salad. RM17.00 but I gotta say it's good! The beef bacon is not fat at all..

His. Carbonara. RM34.00 and this is one of the best carbonara we've ever had! Really! Must. Try.

Mine. Wild Mushroom Risotto. RM38.00 Taste very mushroom-y and it has lots of mushrooms but the mushrooms are tasteless, doesn't have that weird fungi smell. The reason why I hated mushrooms is I cannot stand the fungus-y taste.. But this is not bad, I'll highly recommend this if only it's not that creamy/cheesy (it's really fattening!)

Overall ambiance is nice. Very peaceful and serene... but may not be so on weekends.

FML. My birthday but dont have a picture of me cause someone refuse the take picture for me T_T

I took this cause I snapped one picture and I said his smile look so fake and I told him to try again and this is the end result - even more fake -_- Apparently he doesn't know how to smile for camera purposes and doesn't intend to learn the art of pretentious smiles because he's a genuine man *puke

Pavlova. RM16

Supaaaaaa yummmmaaaayyyyy!!

I want again!

I was really really full, thanks to the super cheesy/creamy risotto and I told him my stomach has no more room for any dessert but he insisted that it's my birthday, we should at least order one.. cannot finish then share wor.. Fine lor.

But this thingy is so good, my stomach how no space also in the end made space and I wanted to order another one but we didn't cause there wont be enough time to walk..

It's so much nicer and better than Delicious'.

So nothing much lor, after makan ma walk lor. Cause I want to find a nice dress for my aunt's wedding.

We passed by Longchamp and I wanted to walk in to see my insect bag but he refuse cause "no money then dont walk in lah I dont like wan la unless I'm sure I have enough money to buy something and I'm going to buy something"

Ceh. So scared ppl look down for what! It's consumer rights to see but not to buy. And it's not hard to pretend or act rich/bitchy. Just need a little acting skill. I used it all the time. What more someone is wear Banana Republic tee shirt. It cost RM250 each in Malaysia but no one knows the shirt was shipped in from Canada, and bought during sale season..

I'm not being thick skin ok!

And I didn't know they have LV in Gardens. So I just casually say lar (since there's no conversation and I am very uncomfortable with the silence) "You know I've never stepped in to LV shop before.." And he just reply pls lah you want you ask Brenda go in with you I am not going in no money go in for what summor the shop got no people wan..


So scared for what?! Haiyooo....

Walked for an hour or so.. he complained hungry. Alexis bill is about RM150 so he wanted to save money so we jom balik kampung makan telur zzz... I wanted to walk MV wan lor cause I've stepped my foot in MV for only 2 times this year and I am sure sick of 1Utama already!

He really went home eat eggs ok!

Then we watched The Other Guys.

After the show he said stomach ache -_-

So I said I want to stay out a bit, so I walked 1Utama alone lor.. before we parted he said "call me when you're done".. So I was expecting him not to find me to walk together. All I had in my mind was he's going home to release his toxic bomb then play WOW.. but who knows he really came 1Utama to find me..

He msged, he called but la la la i left my phone at home charging.

I was happily walking, called him at 10pm when all the shops closed. He's already paid the parking ticket getting ready to leave. So when I called him he scolded me said he's been walking around in the mall trying to find me for almost an hour..

So we argued a bit.

And eventually, patched up.

I appreciate the fact that this time he took some initiative to try to plan something out eventhough there's no surprises or nothing romantic. But then I still have to say his planning sucks lah hahaha.. but well, at least he tried and not just ask what I want to do and expect me to plan for my own birthday.

So, Sunday is going to be Birthday celebration number #3. Actually should be number #4 but Andre isn't feeling well so couldn't go out with Brenda and Andre today, maybe tmr also.. sigh

And for ending note, he sang JOY TO THE WORLD the entire day -____-


cheahwey said...

why you so uncomfortable with the silence wei.. you and i got silence, you uncomfortable anot?

-Littlenicky- said...

nolah, silence is ok.. just, not too long lah tht would be weird