Sunday, October 24, 2010

Here I am again.

Bored, restless, distracted and have a story to tell.

As some of you may have been told, Bird's parents work are really stressful especially his mothers. She gave 70% of her time on her job and 20% on church works, another 6% on her children (of course for now is my fat bf) and the remaining 4% on herself.

So by the time it's time for herself, she's dead tired already!

It all started when the sister was still here and the mother's very close friend came over for a visit. After much talking and eating the three of them decided to try out a massage parlour near home. In order to encourage herself to pamper herself on weekly basis, or at least fortnightly, she bought 10 vouchers.

And today she used her third and forth voucher (the dad went along for 45mins foot massage).
Actually I know I can spare u all the details but i just want to write something long long to keep myself away from audit book for a longer moment.

And dinner time the parents were talking about the massages and such tough life the masseuse are living - No customers means no earnings, but if business too good then they gotta work till literally drop. Oh, the masseuse are all from China. They charged quite reasonable la. 2hrs full body massage for only RM78 nett. But I prefer spa ^^

Prior to this, Bird told me that one of his friend has mentioned something about having massage plus blowjob somewhere near to the place his mum went. Which also explains why he wouldn't go for massage along with the mum cause he feels disgusted eventhough we're not sure which is the exact shop the friend frequented.

So while the parents was pretty much indulged into the topic. I did some calculation in my own head.

According to Bird which according to his friend, blowjob costs additional RM150. And since that life is so tough like his parents said, I made a maximum estimation of sucking 10 ahem per day which gives a total of RM1500. Let's say the management takes 50% out of the service, that makes RM750 a day. In a week you get RM5250 and in a month to a total sum of RM21000.

Ok lar to be fair and give you the benefit of doubt. One ahem a day lar. That's RM75 per day - RM525 per week and RM2100 per month. And, how long do guys/men need to take? Average 15 to 20mins? (I googled! Most of it talk about on bed and some I totally dont understand at all ) 15 - 20mins can get RM75 edi.

I was calculating and telling Bird the numbers during our study break and he showed me a -___- face, and said "PLS LA IF EVERYDAY SUCK 10 *ahem* THEIR MOUTH GET STD EDI LAR!!"

HAHAHA Actually I know Chea Teing must be smacking her head, Chea hwey must be screaming WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU, PC will go like *zhadou* and Angela will be shaking her head and laughing and thinking i'm a very silly girl.

I had nothing to do at the dinner table and was just calculating to pass time. I didn't mean anything. I mean, it's tough life! To think of it, some boys/guys/men dont wash their private parts after wee wee. And surely there's bacteria on it and then gotta put in the mouth. That's like sipping on another's pee? Yuck!

And when they cum. EEEWWWWW..

And not to mention no wash ahem leads to smelly ahem which may leads to diseased ahem. *puik!

Haha, have not been thinking pervertly for long time! Good to have my old self back. LOL!! *slap
You see you see I'd rather spend 20mins writing and thinking how much a blowjob-er cum masseuse earn than to read audit. Hopeless lar...

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