Saturday, October 23, 2010

Found these

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Told you I get distracted easily! And it's really boooorrrriiiinnnngggggg.... I hate theories but theory papers are easier to score.

(Btw, baby Alastair is coming down to KL next week ^^ I'm not a baby person but he is really fun to play with. Doesn't cry doesn't merajuk smile and laugh all the time! How I wish next time my babies would behave like this if not high likely I'll end up throwing him/her/them at the rubbish dump!!)

I pretty much prefer calculations but the more I love them the more they hate me! Example, finance. I SUPER LOVE FINANCE, and I failed the paper TWICE!! This sitting would be my third attempt T__T

ACCA is an insult to my intelligence! - FB

Or perhaps I should push myself harder.

I'm hoping TVB will make more dramatic and exciting serials. Something like that abalone and mooncake one. It's called Tong Sam Fong Bou in Cantonese but what's the english title? Nowadays the dramas are not drama. That Chai Kau sequel (Showing on AOD 901) also like not that syok. Sigh..

And there, I just noticed something is wrong with this picture (after reviewing it 54365887348 times).

See the red arrowed part? I really dont know it's his normal posture or he knew I'm going to post pictures up on FB and other places so purposefully put his arm in his position so show off his try-hard-muscular arms.

Super annoyed. *rolleyes*

Now you get what I mean by I can never ever ever take a nice proper pictures with this person(cause I'm not happy now)?

I super love my straw hat! Wanted to buy can-can hat but I look not so awesome. I saw some Japanese girls wearing can- can at the resort and was so jealous =(

Time for How I Met Your Mother!

(OMG I should be memorising my ISAs instead huhuhu)

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