Sunday, March 28, 2010

first time and first time

Today was supposedly an extraordinary day.

Here's why.

As per usual, Bird and I will have a little conversation before bed. Saturday is a day for girlfriend but he promised to go for Benjee's birthday party. To compensate me, he suggested to bring me out for shopping.

See, I'm such a simple girl. Want bring me out? Shopping mall.. Want bring me go somewhere nice? Shopping mall that is not near home. I was too bored with 1u and so we talked about it. I couldn't decide whether to go the near but quite far Sunway Pyramid or the far far Pavilion, I told him to surprise me and he said ok.

That ok really left me superly happy and excited whole night and day. I never get any surprises from him before. This could be a very good start you see! And so... my entire body cells were charged with excitement and happy juices but as usual there will be always a but *rolleyes... he asked me to think and decide where I want to go zzz...

Of course a bit tulan lah. At the same time Brenda was telling me that Kenny (you know, Wan Chier's ex that we used to call Blind Kenny haha) punyer his gf is planning to throw him a surprise birthday party. It's like adding salt to an open wound I tell you. Instantly tulan became super tulan.

Yielding to my tulan-ness, I changed the shopping agenda to salad. He told the mum that he wants to buy shirt - the mum wants to come along, you know, to spend quality time with the son - change back plan to shopping..

I know this fatty for almost 3 years, been together for 2 years and 6 months but I have never once heard him say "I want buy shirt" or "I want go shopping". Most also, he will see some body building tee shirt and get his sister to buy for him..

Today must be some miracle day lah I think! Must remember this date!!

Walked around.. Helped him find some checked shirt. It's so hard to buy shirt for him because of his stupid 18.5 inch arm! Only shirts with uncle cutting could fit him.. Anyway he should be super proud of this girlfriend and must start to treat me superbly nice like, give a real proper surprise

Because of me hor, he managed to get not one but three shirts, all at least half price and most importantly, fits him... Day and night scold me say I shop like a mad fella summor lah. Now this mad fella helped you save money ok! hmph!!

He chose oh-leng cahler. Like that only chan dak hei ngo ma! Like that only qualified be my bf ma!!

The blue + red was only RM13!!! Ori was about RM79.. ya colour combo not that nice but it's RM13 only dont buy means you've left your brain at home!

Btw, today's weather is really siao! It was all hot and sunny in KL but once I reach PJ, it rained. Then was superbly warm and humid until dinner time.. heavy pour down until now it is too damn chilly. It's like living in Mercury.. How to survive like that?!

Wrapped so many wantans in just 5 mins! How to go through the night I ask you? T_T

See. ONE pimple on my perfect skin *sad
(ya just bathed. I have this habit of wrapping my hair for 30mins haha)

And another miracle! Do you know when was the last time I had only half a bowl of rice? I tell you when. I dont even know it myself, as far as I could remember I always eat at least one full bowl of rice and never less than that. Sometimes up to 3 bowls.

However today miracle day as I call it, I ate only half a bowl.. with alot of vege and fish, a bit of tofu and prawn but before that we had Chilli's at tea break. I wasn't sure to call it tea break or not because we had much much more than just cookies and tea..

This is what happens when you dont blog often and start to lump everything into one long essay entry.

Last thing, I finally re-sit F3 paper last Saturday and passed. Yeay... Did the Computer Based Exam (CBE) instead of the classic paper based exam. CBE was actually harder, to me lah, cause say only lah both MCQ questions but PBE there's ABCD to choose ; CBE you gotta KEY IN the figure yourself!

Like this!! [This is the demo from ACCA website..]

No chance to hantam AT ALL...

The exam cost me RM410 T_T Well, at least I cleared one more paper. huhuhu... You know what happen during the exam? It's computer based ma.. means it's online lor.. I do do half way that stupid KDU's comp hang you know .. for a good 10 plus minutes!!

But thank God that ACCA's system is quite good.. comp hang, clock hang also.. means I lost zero seconds. They really give you exactly 2 hours to complete the exam. *Thumb up

OK. Wrote too much edi. Good night everyone *hugs

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