Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Rough day

I started this day with excitement.

Went all the way to Sg Wang for shopping, in hope to buy nice yet cheap dresses for CNY and the rest of the months till June (then every month got new dress, even when I am busy =D)

But then mana tau, so disappointing because all they have there are all craps and rubbish! Well, they do have a few mediocre material dresses but selling at branded shop's price which I think it's ridiculous!

All I bought was only a RM10 simple clincher and Schwarzkopf hairmask, Half off so I paid only Rm60 for one bottle =D

I actually want to find dresses that is featured on Mooie n Moca and some nice bags like below..

And do you want to know something about shopping online?

They earn averagely 100% each item sold! I really like lace so I always spy on all the nice lace dresses available everywhere. At Sg Wang I saw all the lace dresses which I spotted on blogshops. To tell you the truth, the lace is really really low quality but, they are cheap. Cost less than RM35.. But those online fella are selling around RM40-60

I saw a red Victoria Secret tote online but hesitated, because I dont feel like paying RM250 for a bag..

So I asked a friend of mine who runs a blogshop and a VS lover. She said she bought her bags for lesser than RM150 depending on the material and size... every one of them!!

Oh. And I bought something really cheap.


Cotton on Pavilion.

Rm29 only!!

I really like Cotton On but then, it's so cheap and nice makes their stuff all very common! =( I hope they have more variety more pattern more styles.

Tried the hairmask. Smells very good =D Hopefully can fix my dry and rough hair!

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