Friday, February 12, 2010

I want Bubble Tea!!!

I think a made a horrible blogger. Really!

Where got people blog without photos wan? Unless you're telling a pictureless story. I think that is why I never write any food or travel log.

Just celebrated Valentine Day.

On 11th Feb. Special or not?! =D

No couple tees anywhere. No girls holding one big bouquet or one stalk of flower or a big teddy bear.

Yalah I'm jealous lah cause I know I wont be getting any of those lah! *rolleyes*

But really I realised I really hated Valentine's Day. I think all these Father's day mother's day are all crap day. Anyhow this year I decided to at least go out for a nice dinner together, unlike previous years, we did nothing at all!

My initial plan was to eat at somewhere with nice ambiance nice food a bit further away from home. I was planning to walk abit at somewhere before dinner and watch some romantic show after dinner.

But then plan was all destroyed.

Fatty promised to skip gym on Thursday but in the end he went in the afternoon. And his mum was supposedly take half day off and asked me to dye her hair in the afternoon but somehow dont know how she decided to work full day.

And worst of all. Traffic was more than horrible!

My first choice of restaurant is Jarrod and Rawlin, Bukit Damansara. Angus Steak House and The C Club Pavilion serves as back up.

At the same time I asked around for more options. Hwey recommended El Cerdo, Changkat Bukit Bintang.. then I found Cava and Opus, Bangsar. Brenda recommended Tamarind Hills, Ampang (apparently you eat on water).

At first I was worried that I have very limited choice. Fan! But in the end I have more than 10 restaurant choices to choose. Fan! I couldn't decide on anywhere so didn't make reservation.

So I asked Bird to be decide and he picked Tony Roma =.=

Yalah I know he is trying to help me save money. Summor everywhere is congested. Plus, we get to leave the house only at 8+pm.. And we were hungry as hell!

So, yea . There goes my first ever romantic fine dining experience. *tulan face*

You know what I feel even more tulan about? Bird going Penang tmr ma, for cny.. one week. Instead of temaning the gf he went find Hamster. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday and even Thursday after eating with me. Worst of all is, that Hamster mmg know we're going out and he didnt teach Bird any lam-girls' trick.

We left Curve at 10pm. Super bloated that kind. At 2+am that Bird complain hungry

It's not a big deal lah, knowing very well that he eats at every 2-3 hours gap. Just that, on the other hand, I paid not a low price on the food and then he said he needs to eat more food after 4 hours or so I feel a bit unappreciated lah.

Yalah. I'm PMS-ing lah!


I dont understand how we date wan lo.

You see normal couples all will hold hand walk together. Normal couples would usually take a lot pictures together (I was advised not to use the word camwhore). Normal couples would at least have some couple thingys.. like keychain or rings or shoelace or tee shirt *eww*.

I feel so. . . . married! I dont like it!

I want my little fantasy unrealistic romantic dream to live longer! =(

I feel as if I am a wanderer in a desert land, searching and panting for water.

BAH! whatever lah... Should stop complaining lah!

Happy Valentines. Happy CNY.



cheahwey said...

I'm waiting to see what the girls with boyfriends would say.

So what you two do when you're walking? Twiddle your thumbs?

-Littlenicky- said...

walk separately.