Friday, February 05, 2010


I think most of you know that Bird pays for everything when we're out, whether if we're dating or our with friends.

The other day I was out with Brenda and her bf Andre, he started asking questions like how much Bird gets n blablaba..

Of course I dont feel confortable..

Then at the end of his queries, he commented that Bird is spoiling me. -_-

I know that not everyone can afford to spend the girlfriend all the time and I have no right no comment anything on their relationship. He somehow just , makes me feel really uncomfortable lor with that question and answer session. His reaction and expressions makes me feel like .. like, he think I am some greedy bitch who hogs on Bird's money -_-

Then Bird is my bf, he spoil me is tin gong dei yi wan ma no meh? Dont you want your bf to spoil you too? And Bird does not only spoil me with tangible things. Our relationship did not go on a highway tour, we went through obstacles and hardship too, and we had went through the period where we're both broke.

I hate it especially when he asked me if bird buys me any clothes or shoe n etc.. and I told him bout the RM500 Valentine's Day gift. He wow-ed and said "this is crazy!"

He gave me that much because last year I requested to go fancy restaurant for dinner. He thinks it unrealistic. You know, pay so much for small portion of food.. after few hours it'll be flushed away in the toilet bowl. So he saved that money for me to buy something more tangible something more realistic something more useful rather than spending so much on just 2 hours of romantic-ness.

I dont know lah. Somehow now i am abit unhappy with Andre lah =/


Chris Alexandre said...

If your significant other feels he wants to make those gestures for you, it's not really something your friend's bf should be concerned about.. Don't feel bad about it, you know your aren't that "greedy bitch". Feel glad you're in good relationship, because how you two feel about each other is what matter. Mr. Andre might not agree with it, but to each their own, right?

Have a great week, stranger.


JELA said...

maybe he didnt mean it the bad way? lol
maybe he really wants to do that to the gf too but just cant. or maybe he just have different opinions. and it's your assumption that he thinks you're a greedy bitch.
no worries k =) leave it. hugss

-Littlenicky- said...


rmb last time u told me bout n n daniel n fast and pray thing?

i feel something like tht lah.

chLoe said...

yalo, i agree with the stranger on top. and jela as well. i think he cant provide his gf what bird provides u lo.

-Littlenicky- said...


i think he is sorta jealous..and i have a feeling that he is afraid that i will influence brenda ..