Friday, February 05, 2010

Happy cny

I cannot remember why I blog already.

I think the main reason was to let my oversea friends know that I am not dead yet, but right now everyone seems to be around Klang Valley and I have no good reason to blog other than.. to update for the sake of updating? Why do i update for the sake of updating? -_-

Sunday was byebye kawan hello jogoya day. It's feels weird to know that his parents do not quite like the dinner. Bird's dad said it was so so only, authentic japanese restaurant is still better. What I was thinking in my heart at that time was "ceh who dont know your mother's a woman. Obviously authentic japanese restaurant better lah and I am sure your wallet will tear even a bigger hole"

Am I mean ah? Ppl spend dinner yet I make such a comment?

No lo but seriously, what do you expect from RM88++?

I dont know lah, maybe cause I'm a scorpio. Scorpios have a strong character you see. We are willful in nature, wants things to happen in OUR own way and expect everyone to agree with us. Erm.. or is it only me?

But then again, old people have tasted alot good stuff so .. they have higher grade tastebuds. Unlike people like us.

Monday went work part time at KD with Brenda Andre and another friend. To promote Carrefour new outlet. Just nearby Giant KD. -_- But very good money! Rm85 ok!!

The 4 of us had to hang a board on our body, both front and back then walk around give out pamphlet. Working hours is supposedly from 8.30am till 12.45pm but efficient people like us started work at 8 ended at 10 =D

Then the person in charge actually told us to walk around (with the board) until noon. Siao! Smart people like us obviously went yumcha enjoy aircon lah!!

But after that I was tired as hell. Went over to Bird's place sleep at 4pm until midnight. His maid tried to wake me up for dinner but I told her i want to sleep so I think she a bit tulan haha. I think it was due to dehydration since that day was rather hot.

Bird started his diet menu. At the wrong time. Before CNY. hah hah hah!!

So, in the end he cannot tahan eating all his tasteless food anymore he brought me out for KFC on Monday night, demanded (like a 5yr old) for KFC on Wednesday evening and supper at KFC yesterday night.

Sigh. I am playing Scrabble on FB now -_- So sien......


cheahwey said...

You are not alone. My dad's a scorpio and he's like that! Rather annoying when I want to do things my own way.

Eh, why don't you take them to the Jap restaurant in Taman Desa...

GZ says it's really good. And the owners are Japanese, so you've got authenticity covered.

_VeL_ said...

RM88 only ah? That time I went, it was more than that. And, the food was really nice. So many options. Nice desserts. I miss it.

We tried Yaki Yaki, only Japanese food. Price is around RM60 when there's no promotion. Quite nice too. :)

-Littlenicky- said...

I dont know.. bird and i thought it's not bad! but both his parents think its not that worth it..

his mum asked me if we enjoy the dinner and if we're happy. we said yes. then she said, in that case, then it's worth it


wah.. recommend again. I dare not lo! they all so high standard