Sunday, August 02, 2009

Short update of the week

normal. Nothing special

skipped church


- Bird's aunties came down from Penang.

-Bird's aunties cooked nice meal but i overslept, by the time i woke up Ellie has already cleaned up all the plates

-Couldn't make it to Rebecca's housewarming..

- Just realized Progress Test is less than 10days away..

- Didn't feel like going church hence didn't drive. Lecturer was so damn considerate, she lets us off at 5pm. Fatty came pick me but at 6pm so had to go through all the jam

-Went "shopping" with his mum and his aunties at 1U. Got free Baskin Robins ice cream again =)

One quart and one pint hehe =D


-Justin's birthday party. It's more like family gathering.. saw so many unfamiliar faces everyone has changed..

Birthday cake. New style.

Somebody is 12 yrs old now! Fatter, taller hands and feet all bigger than mine too

- Suppose go Hilton PJ meet up with another bunch of friends (ex-hilton colleagues) but I FFK them cuz didn't feel like going after the party. I even off-ed my hp. =D I just don't feel like drinking and lepaking thats all.

-Church as usual

- went fatty's place for revision and dinner.

- Went Carrefour Tropicana City with bird's mum to help that fatty grab some grocery. I tell you hor, Carrefour has the worst customer service ever!

Bird's mum wanted to buy Brands Chicken Essence for the husband. We walked through the entire floor and found nothing, until at check out point, then only I saw the essence was actually kept in a glass-door cabinet behind the express cashier.

So she told the cashier " I want Brands. Original" . At this point of time I was pushing the cart to the end of the counter. While checking the bill after payment, she started asking me "how come got so many different prices wan?" "oohh auntie cuz some hor, with american ginseng some original some with ling zhi.. thats why loh"

Then only she noticed the one she bought was with american ginseng. Then we were told to exchange it at customer service counter. Then we went, and the customer service fella said "oh bar code tak sama so skrang you return ini kat sini lepas itu balik ke kedai bayar untuk yang you nak tu"

WTF right.. I want to exchange something and I have to go back to the store and queue up again to pay wtf is this man. If it were Tesco, the customer service ppl will just run around help me lo all i need to do is just sit down somewhere and wait.

And while she was arguing with that kampong customer service old man, suddenly my left sole itch. Forgetting bout my right deformed toe nail, I remove my sandal from my foot and start scratching my left sole with my right toe nail.. then went back I realise.. the left side is no longer attached to my flesh anymore!

SEEEEEE....... can lift up then can see flesh summor!

WAT TAT right?!


Cathy C said...

eww..i feel like vomiting after seeing ur last picture..damn

-Littlenicky- said...

HAHAHA wait till u see the real thing!! xD

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Eew eew eew eew eew eew.

-Littlenicky- said...

you know what.. just now i went vincci, test shoe tht time ng siu sam the nail got tangled to the strap and now can flip up even more hahaha..