Saturday, August 08, 2009

OO i feel like eating dimsum now

- no life

- Lecturer's so nice.. she lets us off at 1pm instead of 2.30pm =D I love Geetha's class!!
- Shifted my printer to Bird's house. All by myself! *flex bicep*

- No life

- Bird's cousin came down to KL from Penang. I studied at 1u while the boys went shop for some computer stuff.. And then MPH was suddenly filled with talkative people so I pack my bag then went look for Brenda's birthday present. It's so hard to choose present!! After that I tot of burning some fat so walk all the way to his place =D

- I cannot tahan the blackiness of my toe. I chopped of the flippy part so now it looks like this:

COMPARE TO ANOTHER TOE.............................

Tag! Nice toe, ugly toe

- Woke up at 7, waited for bird to fetch me to eat dimsum. But then no reply till 9 something am. He and his cousie overslept so the boys went eat themselves cousin missed the bus to genting summor. I feel damn grumpy the whole day!!

- Domino's for dinner. Was supposed to eat with his parents as usual but was told at the last moment that they have a wedding dinner to attend..

-Dead tired cause had very bad sleep but surprisingly didnt quite sleep in church LOL

- Sakae Sushi for dinner. I'm craving for pasta lately actually.

I know what you thinking. Wah u everytime not eating at home ur father wont scold ah? The answer is no, in fact he's damn happy cuz can save money no need feed dinosaur

I know what you thinking also! Wah u always chi yum chi sek.. so tak tau malu wan! Yes, sometimes I do feel damn malu damn ng hou yi si also wan ok! But then sometimes mmg orang invite wan lo.. And sometimes the parents like to order quite a bit, but cant finish, so if i'm there then got dinosaur help them sapu no waste food everyone happy..


cheahwey said...

How does the "exposed flesh" under the skin feel like? Looks prune like.

-Littlenicky- said...

erm.. the first 2 days was just very sensitive.. feels tingling .. maybe like, vagina (vagina's tingly wan hor?) ? HAHA

then after tht like ur finger or any other parts of ur body lo...