Saturday, July 04, 2009


I am now talking to old time friend, Joyce..

We started by Restaurant City exchanging of ingredients to complaining bout Sunway to complaining bout our courses to talking bout our family and now complaining bout bf that they are so so so clueless when it comes to girls -____-.

Me: Mine hor, damn dungu wan.
Joyce: dungu quite cute one what sometimes.
Me: HAHAHAHHAAAA!!! Quite true lah...

Why ah why I've never gotten any hand made birthday card or home made cakes for my birthday.. or anniversary. And how come I dont get to celebrate monthly anniversary wan? =(

Ok lah nvm bout the card n cake part la. I'm the girl and I'm suppose be the sweeter one yet I didn't bother making anything haha.. so nvm.

But I really hope Bird will teman me for at least 2 rounds of roller coaster ride loh cause I really like roller coaster hehehehe but then not everyone is daring enough... Is this a weird request? haha


cheahwey said...

but your one dungu not cute wan wor... it makes him look even more dungu. then again, im not the one in a relationship with him, so what i see is superficial.

it's not a weird request, but a very random one.

-Littlenicky- said...


hopefully he'll change to a cuter dungu after reading ur comment haha