Saturday, July 04, 2009

Have faith in Lesboman!

I'm starting to play Farm Town, since last week actually.

Bird was commenting how lame and useless it was blablabla but that the only thing I could do when I am free, especially at night.

I hate the game cause it cuts me off while I was busy working at other farm [money money money].. and I always face problems while playing the game.

And today, some dude added me in his buddy list and start talking to me. Paul. 33 years. Fire Fighter. Aussie.

He started telling me how horrible was the big fire of Australia few months back and how hard is it for a guy of his profession to get a gf and all. And how he loves snow and skiing and AUD 500 per head [skiing] is cheap -__-

Paul: I just had a look at some of your photo and you're gorgeous. *WTF?!?!?*

Paul: You're a funny bugger aint you?
me: HAHAHAHAA really? I tot im lame? *how often ppl call me funny wan so happy*
Paul: yea you are *-______-*

So weird.

Oh. Bout Chea Hwey's cake. Dad asked me where I went and all, collect home made cake was my answer.

Dad: who bake wan?
me: Oh Lester. Rmb, last time told u before wan leh stay at 14 wan, same row as your old house wan.
Dad: oh that one ah! His name is Lester ah? Oh, okay, his cake should be good. Gimme some *Note: I gave him a taste of Lester's work previously and he liked it*
me: Choc cheese wor. U eat wan meh?
Dad: His cake's not bad. I want.. *see so much faith in Lester!* How much you brought back?
Me: Quarter of a cake but there's another one. Chea Hwey baked wan but not ready yet. Collecting next few days.
Dad: Quarter only?!! BRING HOME MORE MA!!! HAIYO... *see he really loves Lesboman's cake hahahaha*
Me: Haiyo got another one more ma scared what?!
Dad: AIYA your twins , they're not good baker also their cake beh jiak wan! Not fluffy enough!! Lester's good!!


cheahwey said...

no no, both the cakes are lester's 作品. my involvement goes only as far as "slave labour".

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

When did we give you a cake to eat????

-Littlenicky- said...

hwey: lester said thats your cake. you baked them.

i duno also but thats what my father said hahaha.. maybe its lester's. HAHHAHA

Cathy C said...

i this your dad bias man..only praise lester time try asking twin to bake something then say lester bake one..if he praise, then only u say, actually it was twin..HAHHAa..