Sunday, July 19, 2009

Real update. No pics

My life after the start of Sem 2 consist of class, bf, church, facebook, brenda, class, bf, facebook, class, bf, facebook, church, class, bf, facebook, brenda. Nothing special..

Other than today. And Thursday.

I had meatball at Ikea on Thursday. Suppose eat with Chea Hwey wan but then duno what happened, then in the end went with fatty. It's his first try.. and he likes it quite a lot, tmr im going for another round.

But I had constipation after eating meatballs. And even I myself cannot stand the stench. And I fart quite a lot after that so I had quite a bit of trouble when I'm at fatty's place, I dont know how the hell I manage to tahan and keep all the smelly gas inside me but i did it.

And today.

Fatty was nice enough to suggest for a nice dimsum lunch. Was between Ah Yat Abalone or DJ. However, cause of wee bit of miscommunication he overslept hence plan canceled.

I went 1U instead, tot of breathing a bit of shopping complex's air. Just a bit. Really A BIT ONLY. Then then then, saw the big four letters S-A-L-E. I couldn't resist then walked in one shop then another then another then another.

I have a really long list of to-buy list.

1) Sport shoe - running.
Saw 2 from Nike, Gold and Purple.. didnt know which colour to buy.

2) Mini skirt.
I'm short so I dont wear anything more than 15 inches from hip. Zara was in a mess damn potong stim so didnt bother to ransack through their sales racks. F21 dont sell nice skirts anymore. Topshop's are a bit outrageous for me. Wh is quite rip off. Pull & Bear didnt quite attract me. Esprit's a little too long for me. SO HOW?! WHOLE MALAYSIA NO SKIRT FOR ME...

Oh I do like one tartan checks mini from P.A but its very low rise and very short. I think it's about 8-9 inches only. Dad would blender me if he sees me wearing that. I really like the prints though.

3) High-waisted shorts. And normal shorts for college/anywhere else.
I saw a red high-waisted from A|X but it was RM279 or something like that after discount. Then I saw one more navy blue from Naf Naf but comes with a RM159 price tag. When comes to shorts I'm a little stingy, seriously.. I'm not willing to foot out so much for shorts no matter what brand.

4) Jeans.
Since I was in A|X I tried on their jeans as well. Damn ncie lor the cutting! The shade is damn nice also.. fits so nicely.. BUT THEN T____T RM669 per pair!!!! Not to mention, shortie like me gotta foot out another RM20 for alteration.

*glass break sound effect*

Oh. Something to laugh about. As I was fitting my legs through the jeans I was so flattered by the shades and the cutting and the details... was so bloody happy [totally forgotten bout the price] until I got hold of the zipper. I had quite a little hard time to zip it up but the worst part is, I couldn't buckle it at all. Both sides cannot reach you know!

Then I sucked in my tummy, again and again, one time harder than the other, then finally managed to forcefully buckle it up. It was size P0 [petite-zero], made specially for small people like me.. *hint hint to whoever outside malaysia*


From now on I shall feed myself only veges and nuts and beans..

5) Ballerina flats
How I wish dad would buy me the one from Chanel. Of course I know it's only possible in my dream.

I dont like Vincci shoes as much as I did previously but I still buy from them -____- Went damn a lot shop lah, Vincci Nose Eclipse Zara Aldo Lewre even Marks and Spencer and Momoe.. Found nothing!! Instead I saw one nice flip-flop from Charles and Keith and 2 slip-ons from Parkson. But later decided I dont need them so didnt buy any.

I passed by Paris Hilton Shop and the bulu bulu white bag was not displayed on the rack. I guess it was all sold out. Best of all I wasnt feeling sad upset angry regret or any negative feelings. I think I didnt like that bag that much afterall.. hor?

But seriously, I hate mega sale. Not only the shops are all in WW2 condition, you can hardly see any XS or S in the racks wan! And number three, the merchandice are all damn old stock. And also, new arrivals are always not so nice wan during Mega Sale.


chLoe said...

not to mention that there arent any M or L bajus too. =.=

-Littlenicky- said...

maybe u should come 1u. here got a lot M L n XL lo