Monday, July 20, 2009


I can feel the pinch now.

It's hard to take care of the man-child-dad, and the kiddo-minded younger siblings ^$^%$&$&%*^%%#$#@$#@%$

To-do list:-
1) Household. Too many to be done
2) Homework. Pt1 in 2 weeks time gotta study and spend lesser time on FB.
3) Gathering. Any volunteer to make sure everyone else has transport to n fro pls?
4) Train dad to cook properly. -_-

Summor, I need time to go out also wan ma.. sigh. Nvm all i need is just very good time management. And I'm good at managing time.. should be no problem wan as long as I stop procrastinating..


cheahwey said...

what "good at time management"? Rmb all those times you ffk me? hahaha

YOU NEED TO DELEGATE. Ask bro and sis to do chores but I know, it's like asking a stone to move. Gotta just slap some sense lah, use the emotion to get them to do it. Say, "Papa old adi, Jeh jeh gotta study for ACCA somemore, can you please help out around the house?"

-Littlenicky- said...

brother's been nice. he help to clean house.. just my sister, more n more junk mountain piling -.-

then my father.. *speechless*