Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tiring day

Went out with Karfai in the afternoon. Then Brenda joined us during dinner.

Slept at 7am, but woke up at 11+ to 12.. cuz Karfai dunno for what reason, reach there damn earlier.. -.-

Walked the whole mall for 2 rounds to find his football jersey and pants. Seriously I cant see any difference lor.. other than the colours. Look all the same to me lol

Lunch at Italiannies, saw An Nur. Then dinner at New York New York Deli.

Went home, play Restaurant City.

Not long after that played bejeweled with Lester. He very conman wan. said not keng.. but actually damn keng!!

Now waiting to load Reversi ...


cheahwey said...

How was new york new york? i read a review that said the waiters were idiots. that was when they first opened lah. now how?

-Littlenicky- said...

this is my second visit. WAY BETTER THAN THE FIRST WAN! REALLY.

First time there went with Bird and his mum. His mum ordered some jiu pai burger.. she said was ok lah.

Bird and I was sharing a big plate of meat. Few types of animal meat lah all together. But they gave us cold fried chicken.

Bird and I thought aiya nvm wan lah maybe they fried the chicken a bit too early thats why not hot but his mum insist that it's overnight fried chicken. Then she complain lo.. we dun really want to make a fuss lah cuz just want to eat peacefully ma but his mum waliao damn fierce!

The waiter apologised, but gave a REALLY stupid excuse. He said the kitchen had make a mistake by giving us the wrong type of fried chicken. That initial chicken was for ANOTHER dish. =.=

So after trying the new freshly fried chicken, we're very sure that they con us la! Then we swear we'll nvr eat there again.

But then ytd went there cuz Kar Fai and Brenda haven tried before. So I play safe, ordered cabonara. This time not bad lah.. but nothing special. But desert is worth trying.. quite sinful.