Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I'm breaking free and Misc

Finally got time to play violin. Satisfaction. Dad bought a new acoustic guitar for my sister.. and now my brother wants one too

Oh. Btw, I FINALLY FOUND EXPLOSIVE'S (by Bond) CHORDS!!! Simple notes, but damn fast. I'm gonna try it anyway =)

Rmb my black ugly right toe? Lester and Bird said my nails most probably would come off by itself so that the clogged blood can come out. It's been one mth, my toes are still partially black. But then lately I noticed, the black black parts have faded to a lighter shade and and it started to "flow out automatically by itself" bit by bit to the white colour part (not sure if it's considered as part of nail plate)

I don't have canggih camera so that's all you can see. It's actually maroon in real life. When I first remove it from my nail, it was soft then after 1-2 mins it hardens and the colour turned darker.

Dad has been saying NEED to buy a GOOD camera for the past one or two years.. aiya since my brother dropped the old Canon Ixus lah. But then, till now still no camera! Maybe should persuade him get a DSLR wahahhhaahahaaa!! Then I can walk more ber-gaya-ly and then get some good lenses to show off then then then walk with high high nose when I pass by or walking with CheaHwey hyek hyek hyek

Something even more random. I know, you saw No 8. Chill!! I can explain... Dad said, my phone is old, go get a better phone -.- But I don't think I'll be changing it anytime soon.. damn mafan alh have to explore new phone's functions and etc etc..

List of things I will use till I die:-
(highly recommended. You all know lah, boh standard punyer things I wont use wan)

1) Clinique 3-Steps

I'm a normal-combination skin but I like using Type 3 which is meant for oily-combination. By far this is the most efficient basic skin care product I've ever used. And it's only about Rm200 or slightly more for 3 bottles which could last up to 6 mths, depending on how you use it.

2) B-Liv Pro Serum Gel

30ml @ RM139 RM118. Dad bought it from Sec 17 Caring Pharmacy. It was the very last bottle summor!

Honestly I prefer the previous bottle design. Look more elegant and professional. It was previously called Cellnique Pro Serum Gel. I read on some forum, that the company decided to repackage the product cuz the whitening range was not approved by the Malaysian MOH.

It's slightly bigger than the mini Dettol Hand Sanitizer. For that kind of price, it is really pricey but quite effective. Today is actually my official 5th day using it and it gives unbelievable results already.

By 3rd day, my pores are all closed up.

I have normal-combination skin, but during menstruation my nose will be very oily. Maybe due to this, my nose was fully covered with ugly blackheads and cheeks was tainted with some whiteheads. So to solve this problem, I always scrub my face causing my pores to open up more and more and I didn't want to use pore minimizer fearing that it might cause even more clogged pores and so on.

But this gel, by day 2, white heads had COMPLETELY vanished and pores are visibly smaller than before. Then I stopped using it for 4days. Then continue again.. and now half the blackheads are gone and my face is so much smoother and supple.

So happy!!!

The only thing I dont like bout this gel is, one hour after applying it, the part where u applied it will feel a bit greasy.

For such a size, it's very expensive. But considering it's high efficiency rate, it's all worth it! Besides, one small pea size is enough to cover my entire nose and both cheeks. =)

3) Watson's Tissue

Mostly ppl would buy Premier or Royal Gold. But I tell you what. Buy Watson's tissue!!

It's cheaper. 3 ply summor. And it's soft. And absorption rate not bad also!

Be a smart consumer!!

4) Tesco Toilet Roll

I'll get very irritated if my father buys any other brand.

It Has to be Tesco Choice Tissue. Light Green colour that one.

1) More compact
3) Good absorption
4) a lot cheaper

Teaching you to be a smart see-lai

5) Shu Uemura DepSea Moisture Replenishing Essence

*love love love*

Use this after toner and before moisturizer.

Exam period is very stressful so dad got me this (I've been begging him for quite few mths edi). One week's time everything has improved so much. Pimples stop popping out and skin is smoother too.

Note that I use it without moisturizer and toner cuz sudah habis no time to restock (exam ma!) But maybe due to the Pro Serum Gel also lah...

The salesgirl said toner and moisturizer is to maintain only.. but this essence helps to improve imperfections.

Rm 160 RM190 for 30ml. So I only use it at night when I'm turning in.

Now I want to try their DepSea Water (facial spray). Shu Uemura's products are very good though it's a little pricey.

6) Dettol Hand sanitizer

I'm using the biggest bottle cause I dont think the small bottle can last long.

The other day when Chia Li saw my bottle of Dettol, she was a bit shocked to see the size and asked "why buy dettol? dettol smelly.. buy the Mickey Mouse wan ma!"

My answer was simple. Because Dettol is a reliable and trusted brand. And I always apply lotion after using hand sanitizer cause I cant really stand the toilet smell (yes! it smells like toilet refreshener and Angela likes it -.-)

There are so many viruses out there.. must sanitize ur hand wan! But I'm not as extreme as Roberta lah haha

7) Mentholatum Lipbalm

Mentholatum lipbalms are the best! I've always like to use Lipice (apple flavour) cause I adore the cooling sensation after application.

Dad bought me this LipPure - Bergamot 2 mths ago when I was preparing for finals and ngam ngam my old lipice waved goodbye. This one is so far the most moisturizing one. It's fragrance free colour free, and according to my father, it's made from 100% pure bee wax.

This cost my father RM14.

8) Gatsby facial blotters

My all time favourite.

This one is way better than Clean & Clear. Bigger piece, stronger absorption.Gatsby products are not bad wan lor. My brother like their Moving Rubber (hair gel)

Was blue, but now grey. Very cheap. Only Rm5.90 per pack (100 sheets if not mistaken). More worth it than buying Clean & Clear (only 50 sheets - RM7.90)

9) Gatsby facial wipes

You know lah I damn particular when it comes to my face. And sometimes I have classes from morning till evening.. by just blotting is not enough.

It's wet tissue, and it has fresh lemony smell. Wipes off dirt and impurities effectively and leave skin feeling fresh as if you've just wash your face with soap.

This is a faulty pack. Dad lah!! He don't know how to open it, then simply simply tear the side apart.. zzz..

Each pack cost RM 7.90 i think, less than 10 bucks lah.. for 15 sheets.

10) Popular Foolscap paper

I'm a die hard fan of Popular examination papers.

1) Good quality - It's thick enough and it absorbs ink quickly ( I like using gel pen so this is a plus point for me)
2) Cheap!

11) Sanex Deodorant Spray

I will never step out of my house without applying deodorant. I'd feel very insecure and dirty.

I had previously pledge my loyalty and allegiance to Rexona but 4mths back I read a review in a fashion magazine about Sanex and I suddenly had a thought of trying other brand. It wasn't that famous cause unlike Rexona, the company didn't spent much on ads.

It smells way better than Rexona seriously. And fast drying and non sticky, dried up only in one minute (if u spray a lot then maybe a bit longer) and damn long lasting. Been using for 4 mths, and still using.. tahan lasak lor! Unlike Rexona roll-on, last me only 1-1.5 month.

Some ppl worried bout sweaty armpits, I mean, sometimes when the weather is REALLY HOT I will have that too.. but no need worry. Spray Sanex, one minute later, put baby powder. Cantik =)

I bought it during promotion period.. around RM12.50

12) Johnson and Johnson baby lotion

I tried many many types and brands of lotion. Still thinks this one suits me best.

I dont quite like Bodyshop's body butter cause it's a bit too greasy. I don't like Nivea because it's greasy too. I dont like St Ives cause it's greasy for me also. So basically I think my skin isn't that dry afterall.

I like Marks and Spencer's lotion.. feels good, smells great, but the price lagi awesome! For one small bottle cost about 20 over bucks! Ppl like me, one day bathe few times, and each time I bathe sure must apply lotion wan otherwise I'd feel very sorry for God. (because I think I should be responsible and take good care of what God has given to me.. so apply lotion is a way of taking care of my body hahaha!)

The way and rate I use lotion is like people drinking water, not only one day apply few times.. each time I'd apply few layers especially when I'm going to sleep. And I dont just apply on my hand.. but my neck, back, leg, chest, stomach.. everywhere except face and hair.

When Bird and I first started dating, he said he love the smell. So everytime when we're going out, I'll purposely put more.. haha. But not anymore lah cause he no longer said I smell good so I tulan so dowan put any when I'm out with him hmph!

13) Fiberwig Mascara (From Japan)

I love fiber haha! (I love 3M's fiber cloth also!!)

The formula is fantastic. It doesn't smudge, can be removed easily (with warm water only), doesn't mess up your lashes and gives you a very natural look. Personally I hate waterproof mascaras because it's such a hassle when comes to removing them.

Right now there's comb applicator mascara (which means the mascara brush is not a brush but a comb) and the more ridiculous one - vibrating mascara (apparently the vibration will help the separate the lashes) which I don't quite like at all. I still stick back to this thing. What I usually do is, after the gel dries up or half dry, I'll comb the lashes to separate them using brow comb. But this mascara, I can save up the last step cuz it glide on easily and neatly.

I dont have short and straight lashes like many other girls. So I dont curl my lashes before using mascara. Just one step. So good!

14) Davidoff Cool Water Wave EDT For Women

My favourite perfume!

My father ah. Always delay wan loh! He said will buy me one nice perfume wan ma.. till now see nothing! But then.. since he bought me so many nice stuff, nvm lah, buy few mths later.. hehe

I damn ng seh tak use (this miniature) lo. heartache ah!


_VeL_ said...

OMG! i read it til the end. HAhaHA.

Great stuffs you have la. See, your daddy so sayang you. I have to buy myself. Kolian. HAha

-Littlenicky- said...

yeah good mmg good.. but if result come out ........... jeng jeng jeng FAIL!..

waliao.. jiak lat lor tht time!!

cheahwey said...

You're like a little book to beauty products, very handy. I should keep you.

-Littlenicky- said...

keep me? u must be rich leh. Im very expensive ;)