Thursday, June 25, 2009

I want porcelain-like skin

Met Twins just now for J.Co Donuts.

Hwey said my skin look very nice. *proud*

In fact, I was expecting more.. as in, this is not good enough yet. I want Liv Tyler's skin. Glossy, crystal clear, flawless and porcelain like.

I used a magnifying glass to see my skin's condition very closely and properly. I discovered the improvements but I want more!!!

I'm going to hunt for a good scar remover and probably a pore minimizer [ just in case the black head gel's minimizing power not strong enough for me]. I'm gonna save money to buy Shiseido sheet mask and Shu Uemura Depsea sheet mask [RM400 in total!] but this is after i purchase my Paris Hilton bulu-bulu bag teehee..

I discover some lines on my forehead I think it shouldn't be fine lines because fine lines usually appears on mid age woman and I am still young but no harm patting more stuff on my face... take it as a prevention step lo then next time when I'm old ppl see my face will think I am still young hahaha.. So, yeah a bottle of gel to treat lines.

Next will be EYE BAGS and DARK CIRCLE. I dont know if the Bio-Essence 24k gold gel is effective. Dad bought a bottle for himself but that bottle is meant for old people like him but he does not use it on regular basis so cant take his review. I think Lancome has some good stuff but gotta ask first.

And then I'm gonna buy Lip mask. Huahuahua!! Soft supple lips.. everyone will be so jealous *wet big eyes*

But what's more important is, buy toner and moisturizer. OMG.. I've been procrastinating for 2 mths edi!

Then then then, after achieving what I want. I'm going for a bit of artificial beauty. hehe.

That Gal Brightening face primer from Benefit.

It helps to 1) brighten 2) perk up 3) soothes 4) it's a face primer so cover up all flaws [but by that time me have no flaws so will be flawless-kuasa dua. HAHAHA!!!

It has this very nice sweet smell. I love it a lot! [how i know leh? good question, I used it when I was working at hilton and it's fantastic!!]

WAH that time... my face will be so lickable hahaha!!! *day dream*

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