Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Fathers day?

My mind have been very very active lately. And these couple of days, I just cant stop thinking bout one issue, WHAT IF DADDY, SOME DAY, DECIDED TO MARRY ANOTHER WOMAN?

When I was younger, I protested strongly and said I will surely move out and will not recognise the woman as my new mother, as his new wife, even as a member of this very family!

Because for all I know, my father is a blur, straight and sometimes a naive man. My mother described him as DUNGU. He's never a romantic person. Often I look at him, from hair roots to toe nails, I cant see which part of him could possibly attacted mummy. Actually mum said the same thing too but to her, honesty is above everything else and my father is the worst liar you can ever find.

Because of his woody character and honesty, I sincerely think that no other woman on earth would ever want to marry him. He's 63 with 3 old kids. The only reason I could think of is she might have a plot to thin out my and my sibling's shares when he kicks the bucket.

He'd told me we will get an equal share of all his possessions. Whether if my brother would be getting a bigger portion than I am, matters not to me. For all I care is, I dont want any outsider to have any advantage and benefit.

If the woman is an old virgin, easy to settle. But what if she's a divorsee with kids and what if she hopes that her children too would get some share, whether big or small? I know not all stepmothers are horrible like Cinderella's. But ALL MOTHERS ARE SELFISH! I just think I have the responsibility to protect my father and the family. Certain things are inherited which can only fall back to the pure Yongs.

I dont know what and why the hack am I thinking this way knowing my father is a little too old to ahem so no point getting new wife also ler.. maybe too much TVBs lah. But somehow to certain extend I felt insecure. And I already have backup plans to all these happenings. Whether it is going to happen or not is another matter.

We're all growing up, getting our own lives. Then dad, living alone, is quite... kesian wan ma. Just like today he finally gumbled, my beautiful had left me and now my children doesnt want to celebrate Father's Day with me, a total contrary to his usual life is so perfect philosophy.

Have I mentioned that I find it a bit disturbing whenever I see dad talking to unmarried old aunties? Yea...

Anyway Chea Hwey's Train Robbery novel is a very good soul calmer. Dad likes it too =) Perhaps that is his Father's Day gift from me. LOL


cheahwey said...

Oh sure, use my book...
I like that book. Gotta read it again someday. Right now I'm just starting on an investment book.

We're all growing up, getting our own lives. Then dad, living alone, is quite... kesian wan ma.
That's why his kids have to take care of him... like, ask him to move in with you when one of you makes it (house, job, maid to take care of his daily reqs).

-Littlenicky- said...

even now we stay home together, but he always day dream wan =.=