Tuesday, April 14, 2009

There she goes again..

with her procrastination.

I was suppose to start memorizing law yesterday.. for next week's exam. Mock Exam.

Mock exam. Sound important huh? BUT. I'm totally demotivated and lost the mood and will to study, especially law. Maybe its due to the disappointing result I got for Progress Test 2.

You know. PT2, unlike usual, I studied one week earlier and all i could answer is only 5 questions. Nvm tht cause I know I have weak mind, I dont want to push myself too hard. 5 out of 10 question is good enough considering the wide scope of topic and the amount of things I have to store in my brain.

That is EXCLUDING paper f5, which is also a theory paper.

I was expecting to get 50 marks. Which means, no room for any mistakes. But after exam I did lowered down to 45 lah cause I know I did miss out some points.

But u know what happened in the end? I got only 37/100!!!! The feeling is way worst than form 4 when I got back my first Add-Math monthly test paper. I tell you.. its really horrible. Like.. like.. my heart's been ripped off more than a million times..

One of the question on company law, I was suppose to score at least 8/10 but the way I answer the question was wrong eventhough most of the main points have been stated. But all I got is only 3/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Literally feel like..... like...... wo shi chi da bian zhang da de instead of chi fan =(

Haiyo. Must be me lah. Always scold my sister jiaksai .. tht's why!

Very ng kam muan lah!!!!

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