Thursday, April 09, 2009


I've just realised I'll be getting one month break after finals. Yeah! (usually only 2 weeks)

I dunno why my leg.. lately hurts so bad. =( I mean, the muscles. Cant be the shoes... cuz I buy only expensive and comfy shoes (fathers influence. He said shoes are important.. must buy confortable ones.. a bit expensive nvm). Could it be due to long excessive walking hours in mall? but then, I've been walking for such long hours for so many years liao..

OMG! Manifestation of the signs and symptoms of aging! =S

*OH! I like Lewre's heels. The bling bling look more high class wan lo. But of cuz lah, Rm200-300 one pair.. obviously give better material lah

I think I'm gonna change my skin care to Shiseido. Clinique is good. I've been using it for 2 years everything is okay.. I xpected and want more than just maintaining good skin. I want to see my skin less dull and more glowy dewy flawless looking. All Clinique has done so far is just maintaining it, I couldn't see much improvement after 2 years. Oil seeds are still there, pores are still having open house parties..

I have normal-combination skin. Clinique recommends me to use Type II. What I hate most is their thick moisturizer. I somehow prefers Type III. Soap makes my skin feels minty fresh, the lotion is quite refreshing and most importantly, the moisturizer is light weight. Those stupid beauticians just wouldn't let me buy Type III cuz they said doesn't suit my skin =.=

Maybe switching to Shu Uemura also lah. Heard their Deepsea range is quite good. Tried their cleansing oil. 450ml for RM260.. but could last for almost a year wor..

Haih. Shiseido not cheap also lo! Really lah, yao mei jui yao fu chu dai jia =( But I'm not the one fu chu-ing the dai jia.. my father is hahaha..

Heard Nose is having some warehouse sale / clearance today (probably tmr and day after tmr too). Damn near Monash. Bird wouldnt let me go cuz he said 1) I have tonnes of slippers and sandals edi (which is not true. only 5 pairs) 2) He said confirm I'm not gonna buy anything, just gonna see see look look (Wrong. I might buy a pair cuz it's like 70-80% disc.. and some are only RM10) 3) He said if I go warehouse he'll go lunch and dota with friends. -.- 4) He's sweating like no man's business

=( Sad Nicole. Sad.

I like vintage styles.. like Katy Perry's. High waisted. Bustier. Pokky dotti. Floral motives. Hair bands.

Birdie sorta band me from buying more hairbands. He said 5 or 6 is more than enough.
"Where got girl so crazy like you, everyday wear hairband. Wear everyday nvm u know.. everyday different type different pattern summor. Siao!"

Speaking of Bird haha his gym friend a bit funny. I once ter-read one of the sms... " Hey bro wai kit......................."


Hello Sis Hwey. Hi sis teing. *wave wave* sis PC. Sis Angela, how u sis? xD


OMFG.My sister must be crazy. She said Tun Mahathir is handsome =.=


_VeL_ said...

ya! i check m'sia warehouse sales quite frequently too, even i'm here. check for wayne ma. hush puppies got warehouse sales too.

Nose got! only RM10 for shoes and RM20 for begs! he wanted to go buy for me wan lo. HAhaHA. unfortunately, assignments sucks! :(

-Littlenicky- said...

i din know ma.. u all din tell me.