Friday, April 17, 2009

Reasons why I dislike driving

In Malaysia at least.

1) Motorcyclist.
I'm not talking bout Mat Rempit here but normal motorcyclist.

Each and every trip, to and fro from college.. I'll always almost bang at least one of them. It's not my fault you know. I dare say I'm the most courteous and careful and considerate driver in PJ. I always make an effort to double check if the coast is really clear, safe to cut lane, signal and etc etc.. then only cut.

But there ppl, thinking they damn smart.. sway here and there, think they're playing PS2.. damn heroic..

Been driving quite often lately, and I always see motorbikes kena bang. Each time I see such happenings, I showed no sympathy to the little scooter and the driver.

And you know what I hate most? They always like to stay at your BLIND SPOT. So whenever I think it's safe to cross to another lane, I'd get a sudden honk out of no where. And you know lah, I get shocked easily wan.. suddenly *pon* me I freaked out lah.. when i freaked out.. i get more nervous lor.. when I get nervous I cant focus.. then I'll tend to sway over to the divider lor.. and almost kill myself lor.. and maybe another unlucky fella.

It's all the government's fault. NO BIKES SHOULD BE ALLOWED ON HIGHWAYS MA!! Federal, LDP, NPE and etc...

Bikes. They're always blocking other ppl. I hate bikes tht are driving at tortoise speed AT THE MIDDLE OF THE LANE, giving me not enough space and time to overtake him.

2) Benz S320 and Toyota Camry
I dont know if it happened to any other ppl too, but these 2 models of luxurious car always like to block my way. Zho Zhu Dei Kao Jhuen. Everytime whenever I drive, either one of these cars will surely be RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.

Nvm then. They always like to go on certain reasonable speed at first, then brake brake brake brake brake.. then I, the follower, had to slower down and brake together gether too =.='' And you know lah, manual car.. have to change clutch and all, very mafan wan ma..

Then until certain stage.. I get impatient and angry I'll accelerate then cut lane and take over him..

See. Toh sui me. Caused me to break rules!!

3) K-cars
Lala cars lah another word. I hate those bright white lights. I don't see what's so cool and nice bout it.

And also those who likes to switch on their high lights for whatsoever reason. Usually middle age man.

I will, slow down.. wait for that particular car to take over me.. then switch on my high light zheng him!! Bird taught me a good way too: adjust your mirror.. the light will automatically reflect back to him and annoyed him.

4) Taxi
Cabbies are the worst, most lawless driver. Enuff said!

5) Middle aged woman driver
All in all, women are horrible driver. They are either too timid or too ganas. There was once, some auntie showed me her middle finger for not driving fast enough (was on LDP, speed limit only 60km/h)

6) Indian Drivers
Sorry I dont mean to be racist just, I noticed indians are very aggresive drivers.

There was once, a bunch of Indians in the tiny little Kancil.. cut lane left to right, right to left like snooker ball.. damn siao!

7)" Flyers."
You know those driver who doesn't bother to show signal when coming out from one corner or junction.

Just today, at SS2. You know Kimarie tht junction? I was on the main road.. driving at again, reasonable speed. Then this stupid white MyVi suddenly just FLY out from that junction.. luckily I wasn't speeding.. otherwise my father's car will become a smashed tin.

8) Lazy
It's quite hard to get parking at Aman Suria during day time. I'm fine with ppl who ignores the yellow line. But what annoyed me most is, cars, parking at BUSY MAIN ROAD.


Because of these ppl lah.. causing all the congestion cause everyone have to cut to another lane.

And today also, there's this man, and his Honda Civic. Parked at main road. Not bad enough, he summor got the guts talk his own sweet time to walk to another side of the road. Every car was forced to jam brake because of him.

9) Lousy Traffic system
This is Malaysia. They recruit many police officers every year and I dont know why I hardly see any police man to control the traffic during peak hours.

10) Lousy Road.
With all the dents, bumps and holes. Who would like it?

I dont mind not developing the country. I'd rather the government to make good use of the taxpayers hard earned money to repair roads.


_VeL_ said...

wah, seriously. how long did you take to wrote all this down? =.=

anyway, ya la. M'sia is such a sucks place compared to here. yay! migrate la nicole. lol

-Littlenicky- said...

migrate also dun think going to Australia lor hahaha

ask ur lou kong migrate lah

_VeL_ said...

my lou GONG is migrating la. he's taking degree here for 3 years then apply PR then wa whole family is coming here. =.=

-Littlenicky- said...

omg tht is so kua jeong.

means he going over australia also lah?

_VeL_ said...

yes, he is. next year Feb. either Brisbane or Perth la.

-Littlenicky- said...

wah so soon. then u both, good lor. but if marry there i cant go =(

unless i start working edi lol