Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh no Oh no

Die lor!

Bird was sleeping. I had mine already so tot of using the computer to pass time but he's used to sleeping with lights off so i had to bring his laptop to the back room.

I was so smart to turned off the switch. When I was about to pull off the adaptor from the main switchhead only I realised the DESKTOP shares the same adaptor as the LAPTOP!!! And the desktop was still running.. and he has his stuff all unsaved or haven bookmarked, I think.

I tried telling him but he shooed me off..

He's now out to get more food.

And I wonder what happened to the Mozilla's "restore session" dialogue box.



And to whoever that discovered olive oil long years ago. You're genius!!

Was it the Jews? or Greek? Or Arabs?

Now I no longer apply baby oil after hair wash. Olive oil does WONDERS to my hair. Just wash ur hair as usual with shampoo and conditioner.. then apply generous amount of olive oil unto your hair, starting from half your hair length. Put more to your hairends.

I tell you hor, it doesn't make your hair smell one kind.. except for the first hour. It makes your shampoo+conditioner smell less stingy (i'm currently using my sister's Sunsilk conditioner and I hate the smell!!!), which is something I like. And it helps to smooths out each and every strand of your hair..really dman smooth and managable.

Jus today, I went college with wet, uncombed hair. And then.... it turned out looking so good as if I've blown my hair for 3 hours!!!!

Ok. I'd better hide myself now.. and think of a way to say sorry! =(


cheahwey said...

does it help contain frizz? my frizz is most obvious on the top of my head..

-Littlenicky- said...

u mean the crown of ur head? then dab a bit on ur finger and spread evenly lor after u comb ur hair..

do it on wet hair better lor i think

for me my frizz all starts from ... 1/4 from crown.. so i just simply apply all over... so far so good ah.. even bird says looks a lot better..

i put a lot on the ends lor cuz i read hor can prevent splitends

cheahwey said...

So the usual olive oil they sell at the pasta section can ah?

-Littlenicky- said...

can i using those ma.. but my father say better use virgin or extra virgin.. more pure..

_VeL_ said...

but after you bath and u apply on it, doesn't it feel oily? and go to sleep with it?

-Littlenicky- said...

eerr.. who goes to sleep with wet hair?

olive oil is thick and concentrated. so i put a bit only...