Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Hard disk kong-ed for couple of days.

285 types of viruses found in the HDD. Keng right? LOL

Today I went find my English lecturer cause I couldn't sit for Fridays mid term. He's an old nice man. Too nice in fact. Too friendly I suppose. All I wanted is only to ask if I can sit for the test on Thursday instead of Friday, but he went on and on and on with all the Oxford Brookes Uni thesis, ways to write it, the technique and blah blah blah... Spent one whole hour talking to him, from studies to traveling to scounting... =.=

Throughtout the whole time he kept saying :-

"Very good ah you"
"You're a very good girl"
"you're a smart girl"
"intelligent girl like you.. sure can wan lah!"

And worst of all. He said he likes me, and placed me in his class for next semester.
"I want to see good girls like you in my class *smiles*"

And the worse of the worse!

He gave me sweets/candies before I left. While keeping the sweets in my bag, he took one more from his drawer for himself.. As I zip up my bag, he suddenly said "come let me feed you this [the sweet] " *hand holding the sweet, preparing to put it in my mouth*


I had no choice but to eat it. Damn shocking [Shock, not syok] lo! My bf also didnt give such an offer!!


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Dude. That's like paedophilia or some shit. Since he's old and all. And you HAD a choice. THINK! Seriously damn dumb lo. You can say, "Oh no thanks. You already gave me some. *smile and ciao*"

If bird knew, he'd be whipping your ass. If I were there in person, I'd be whipping your ass twice as hard.

-Littlenicky- said...

eh no choice wan lo. He stretched his arm so long and far.. like, one palm away from my mouth.. =.=

i told bird. All he said was just "mmm" "hhmmm?" "mmm"


_VeL_ said...

HAha. so....weird.

cheahwey said...

He is one horny old man.

You should keep a watchful eye for him. One day, he's gonna ask you come to his office and talk about your class performance then *ngiak ngiak ngiak*, baru tau ah lu...

cheahwey said...


-Littlenicky- said...


yeah actually he said pls come visit me when ur free...i like to talk to students like you


i tot of doing tht but he said come come lemme feed you.. i was =.=''' *hesitated* then he stretched his arm so long so far...

i grab the end of the sweet with my teeth lah.. didnt touch his hand lah of cuz haiyo! then slowly i stuff the sweet in with my OWN FINGER lor.

cheahwey said...

You might be sending him the wrong signals leh, come to think of it.
You accepted his offer to eat from his hand when really, you didn't want to.

-Littlenicky- said...

what signal? =.=

i went there to ask questions only lo omg!

but i told my classmates all.. they say he;s mmg like tht wan wor. he treats all his student like tht.. VVEEERRRRYYYYY friendly wan wor.