Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This is my second visit.

Don't know why suddenly I plan to blog bout it now but not the first time. Bird knows how much I wanted to eat Japanese. I've been making noise bout having a nice sushi dinner for the past few months but get not even a limao.. (you know lah, we both eat together, then he eat so much and I'm not a small eater.. and the bill will be .... sigh!)

One thing I dont understand, why would they name a BUIILDING Soho KL.. isn't better to name an area like, commercial area or something ? =.=

Both visits, my father paid only RM39.90++ for buffet supper. Promotion last till 31 March, which is also why my father bothers going back there again eventhough the food there didnt impress him much.

Anyway, I like the environment.

From my seat

My fork and spoon

Roast section. Lamb and Crab..

The other pictures are taken with my fathers phone cause mine ran out of battery.

Jiu Pai

Entrance. Pay before you eat.

Placed at an unnoticable corner..

Drinks and Fruits.

My favourite! I wanna try the Haagen Dazs' Choc Fondue..

Sushi and Sashimi


Close station edi only I snap picture haha. Otherwise, it'll be damn packed and damn smokey.

Little Thai coconut on Green Tea cup.

Semi private area (lightings tht side). I cant find any private or VIP area lor!

The only tapao-able food.

Roast Crab. It's not the big fat juicy crab I usually eat.. I had only a plate. But my greedy father ordered 5 plateful of crab. Above is just quarter of a plate.

Ice Cream Queue. Haagen Dazs ma! I was initially giving up (besides I probably can get Bird to buy me at mall) .. then my sister suddenly bersemangated went queue up.. then I potong queue lor! haha.. Had 2 scoops each of Strawberry Cheesecake and Rum&Raisin =)

Varieties of Cakes. Looks delicious but.. not sure bout the taste. I tried some Tiramisu with Almond nut in a cup thingy... *puik* not nice wan!!

Leftover food. Didnt like the sushi. The crab, after a while, makes my mouth tongue throat feels one kind so put aside...

Had a lot hindrances while blogging. Took me 3 days to complete this post zzzzzzz Both Mozilla Firefox and Youtube cant be opened.

Internet Explorer is very memafankan. Me no likey. But the youtube thingy.. damn joker.. got background "music" wan - some evil man laughing! Stop when you click "OK" -_-


cheahwey said...

Aih, I don't know how you people get infected with this shit... seriously.

Remove the virus and clean your pendrive:

cheahwey said...

When cleaning pendrive:
Other than NOT DOUBLE CLICKING the pendrive icon in My Computer, DON'T OPEN FOLDERS FROM AUTORUN either.

-Littlenicky- said...

what u mean pendrive? u mean i kena virus from pendrive ah? or a drive in cpu called pendrive?

anyway now i dunno what happen.. cant click a thing on at all.. mouse cursor moves, but cant click anything.. cant even shut
down comp...

cheahwey said...

Pendrive as in thumbdrive.

Means now your desktop and everything is unclickable?

After clicking OK to those alert messages, what happens? You might wanna get lesbo to help you.. you guys can do remote desktop assistance. AMMYY_Admin. I wrote about it my blog before.

-Littlenicky- said...

after clicking "ok" nothing happens lor.. like normal just cannot use firefox n youtube.
then after few days my bro complain
to the heavy rain...

then last monday onwards.. suddenly.. unclickable.. mouse cursor can move around but can click nothing..

tmr sending to computer shop lor.. at dj, quite cheap.. suppose send on sat wan but forgot...

now can only online in birds place