Thursday, March 19, 2009

wish me luck Hallelujah

Im bragging here, at the same time complaining: I know i'm greedy, and he makes me feel as if im the most greedy person on earth.

Tmr's F5 Management paper. Calculated and translating the data given is one thing, the worst thing is, analysing and interpreting. This paper used to be a calculation with some writing paper, but now, has changed to a writing paper with some calculation. Jiak lat!

I've finished memorizing the law just yesterday. But guess what? By the time I start to revise F5, I've forgotten everything edi! DIE x2

On the second note, i love my hair colour! It's no longer that mocha brown, but has turned into some very nice warm brown which i like. You know, those u usually see on ads or commercials...

Red highlight is only visible under very strong lighting....

And the weirdest thing is that, my hair is way smoother and managable than before. Even without the serum and baby oil. I haven buy a new bottle of conditioner since the last one which i finished using about 2 weeks ago...

Pray for me lah! =(

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