Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pa I want a puppy =(

I saw a toy poodle just now.. at TTDI tai chao..

Something like this.. but more bubbly look!

I tell u hor, he's so bloody cute and adorable. He was standing on his "mama"'s lap... I was just a passerby. He's too cute to resist lah i tell you. So cute so adorable. He looked at me, like.. asking me to hug him that kind... I stood in front of that particular table for few seconds, looking at him... omg damn hard to get my eyes off that fella!

I realised I should be moving when the two mid twenties lady looked at me one kind.. OMG i am still thinking of that thing now!

My friend Brenda has a toy poodle too. She says one thing bout them is you have to comb their coat every now and then cause they hair is frizzy, must detangle all the time.. but they shed very little hair only.

Unlike Max, that bugger
lat mou very keng!

Lemme show u one disgusting picture.

My wound. Actually the middle part should be more yellowish and yucker in real life.

It's drying up now, dead skin start to peel off liao. I've stop covering it with cotton/absorption pad. It's hurting my skin anyway.

I wash the wound twice a day.

Then air dry it.. then soak few seconds with
Methylated Spirit (alcohol).. *ouch!*

Once pain relieved, I use iodine. *aiyo*

Once iodine dries up, I apply
pure fresh Aloe Vera juice on my skin..

All three causes pain... especially that alcohol thingy...

I scared infection and stuff ma.. prevention better than cure. No harm cleaning my wound so many times wan right?


cheahwey said...

Unless you need good bacteria to heal (and im saying this because I really dont know), don't worry about.

How come the scab hasn't formed? Should be a humongous patch on your knee

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

You use so many things, wouldn't you kill the good bacteria, if there is such thing at all?

And i thought you shouldn't soak it in alcohol? Just use a cotton pad to dab dab. Can liao. Buy from guardian wan ah? The one from guardian is industrialised. My dad say don't use so much. Breath also dont breath so much of it.

AND... I thought you should use the juice first, then iodine. Cause it feels like, with iodine first, it's a barrier between your wound and the ever sacred aloe vera.

-Littlenicky- said...


er.. ur skin healing process need good bacteria wan meh? O_o i tot need vitamins and some plasma thingy?

Stuff bought from Caring Pharmacy. I tot of killing more bacteria ma so i soak a while lor.. but the first few days mmg dab dab dab cause super painful

i duno wor.. so now, what should i do actually?

cheahwey said...

WIKI-HOW. There's one article which tells you how to reduce scarring.

Alcohol kills bad germs AND good germs.