Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm missing you all!

Suddenly I'm missing everybody.

I miss hwey and teing.

Suddenly i thought of Pei Chuen.. and Form 4

I've thought of Mui Yit too out of the blue..

then Angela came into the picture, But i've decided not to waste my time missing her cause I dont think she thought of me while talking to angmoh kiah, or looking at macho angmoh.. and who knows, someone else might be even more important than me =/

I saw some SPCA campaign ads, and suddenly feel like adopting a few pups.

One black male pup, shall name him Birdie *hahahhahahahahaaa*
One red toy poodle, name her after chea hwey
One grey miniature schauzer, namer her after chea teing
One Maltese, name her after either Pei chuen or mui yit.. or maybe combine their name to Pei Mui or chuen yit.. or pei yit or chuen mui hahhahahaa... or maybe Patvel or velpat or ciarie or cirie hahahhaaa

eh u see not bad hor... black, brown, white and grey..

Maybe should get 2 more pups.. then can name each pei chuen/velerie and mui yit/patricia.. and one more male one name him after loverboy maybe.. then "Birdie" got brah-theh to play with ma...

Angela.. no need lah! Since she wont be going anywhere anymore.. summor cant afford so many dogs lah!

Anyway. How's LDR? Curious!


cheahwey said...


How many PSAs does SPCA have? I saw the one on Autism.

Angela sudah ada teman ke? Congrats wor :D

Sigh, funny man this post.

-Littlenicky- said...

Poodle poodle...

no lo i dunno if she's still single or not haven update me...

what so funny? -.-

cheahwey said...

"then Angela came into the picture, But i've decided not to waste my time missing her"

"Angela.. no need lah!"

Funny lah.