Monday, February 16, 2009

My boyfriend is better than yours

Dear friends di overseas. How's your Feb 14? This year so so only, not many married on this date this time unlike the previous years. In mall, I saw only a few got flowers and teddy bear, only few couples wore couple shirts. That is 1U lah, not sure bout MV and etc.

But got Valentine sales. This I enjoy most =D

Basically did nothing much. Went dinner with his parents, then bought his sport shoe and groceries... thats bout it! Cause I dont believe in celebrating love only on this particular day.. not like I get to see him only once a year or something.. Can always celebrate whenever we want !

I almost got robbed yesterday.

Details (skip if you want):

Was walking with sister, after church, to the car, housing area. Then crossed road, from left lane to right lane, didn't switch my bag from left hand to right hand. Was talking to sister, not aware of surrounding at all. Suddenly one bike came from the back then the back passenger got hold of my bag. I was wearing heels that time, maybe caused of the shoe, plus the force.. i span like a ballerina (clockwise) then fell. Somehow the bag got stucked at my elbow, that idiot failed. Lost nothing. ( I worried a lot bout losing my Coach wallet!)

I fell hard on the dirty tar road!



Inner arm

Back. Yes was wearing this top.

Skull. Almost pass out when my sister told me my head's bleeding

I insisted on getting an X-Ray scan but dad said not necessary. Even the doctor said so! But what happen if next time maybe 2 weeks or one month later i pengsan out of the blue ?

Fattyboy flew over immediately after reading my msg. =) Comforted me with 3 jagung bakar =D And brought me out to buy gauze, surgical tape and etc for my dressing.

Basically only my left hand's injured. right hand and legs all alright. And thank god face kena nothing otherwise I think I have to buy veils liao! But I think due to the fall or something, my neck is giving me a lot of problems. I can't move much, can't lie straight, getting up from sleeping hurts alot. And you know what's worse? Each time whenever I want to change my position while sleeping, I have to wake up, slowly turn my body then gently move and adjust my head, then sleep back.. damn mafan!

And yesterday. Was chilling and chatting with fatty at his place.. then suddenly, I cant fell my feet at all! Was so scared, so freak out, screamed a bit, cried, almost died of lack of breath. He had to calm me down then massage my feet and all, then only realised... chao gan.

He somehow find it damn funny and kept imitating me (reaction and all)..

I somewhat think I should get the cement or plastic thingy for the neck.. I scared later dislocate or neck break lah!

This morning, he washed my hair for me. I couldn't wash it myself cause left hand injured and head got wound. So comfortable! At that moment, really feel like an empress =) Oh and also cleaned my wound and did the dressing for me...

After that. We went shopping! =D

All from Forever 21. Total RM47. =D You know what's fun? He went to the counter and paid for the hair bands ^^ . Usually he'll just gimme money then I have to walk over to the cashier; he will just stand at the side.

I plan to buy more heheee....

Anyway now, after the incident, I'm becoming more and more paranoid. I scared of dying suddenly without a good solid reasonable cause like dying of old age or sickness. I dont want to die cause kena robbed -_- I'm now damn bloody cautious especially when I see motorbikes, even in the car... Even if the rider is an old fat malay woman.. or an old uncle.

Btw, this afternoon I couldnt feel my neck. I was lying on his bed, and play some games in my hp.. when asked to get up.. i cant move at all lor. Bloody scary!

Sigh. I'm thinking of getting a bag.. safe, easy to carry around, small yet have enough space to contain my stuff...


cheahwey said...

Sigh, I don't know if I laughed till I cried or I cried till I laughed, reading this.

Somehow it's always the talking when you're on the road that makes people a victim. I don't really talk to Deng anymore when we walk, after the mofo snatched her bag.

How come you don't realize you're losing circulation in your legs wan meh?? It's like the Templer's Park thing all over!

And I cannot believe that your father didn't comment on your skimpy outfit to church. I thought he's that kind of person lor. It is the place of GOD. Hahaha.

-Littlenicky- said...

nolor.. really didnt realised at all.. before chao gan i did feel a bit weird lah.. then i told bird, he said im just being paranoid..

after that, talking half way.. tried to crack my toe.. then suddenly my toes got stucked at one odd position and i can't feel anything at all!

Where got skimpy? -_- it's a long top lah. covered till ass leh...

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

I know how you feel =) And the toe sticking at an odd angle? Kena so many times and I KNEW it was chao gan.

But hor.. I don't understand why some girlfriends, and I've seen this happen, once they know what the price is, they will walk up to their spouses or boyfriends and say, "Dear, RMXXX." then the guys will take out their wallet and pass cash over.

I will be sitting there thinking, "Ha??"

It just feels not right that women are asking money from men. WRONG WRONG WRONG.

-Littlenicky- said...

err... i din ask money from him. he gave me money.. then brought me out to choose present

I nvr ask money from him before also..


Cathy said...

omg...must careful ah...eeek.i also damn scared la...your head ok or not o???@@

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Eh, did you make a police report? Those that get hurt and all that, have to go to Mutiara Damansara Pondok polis to report wan. Cause they seem to forward the cases there. Got one guy called Sarjan Haron. a 013 number I rmb. HaHa. Did you or anyone even manage to see a number plate or clothing?

-Littlenicky- said...

now so so lah the would healing up.. so can wash hair myself liao.. but maybe due to the fall... shocked my nerves n all.. so feel a bit uneasy n weird lor lately..

no wor. din report.. but my sis said the motor got car plate but no number wan... so basically cant track also.. anyway it happened in KL..

cheahwey said...

Actually ah, it's not just about asking money.. it's also about using boyfriend's money to buy crap even if he asked you to.

Think about it this way, if one day you and him not together anymore, how would you feel when you look at all your stuff and 50% of it was bought with his money? Don't say break up lah, say you're just standing in your room looking around.

Of course, feels nice to be pampered like that, but the bigger picture is that in this relationship, he is giving more than he is receiving. It's like, this relationship is surviving on money.

Just sayin'. It's one way to see this.

-Littlenicky- said...

ceh then he's not giving me money everyday also..

talked bout this before also lah.. he said he just wants to share what he has.

He paid for my food when im out with him cuz he dowan me to pay, he feels not nice... but he got no money then i pay lah but he will try his best to foot for his portion wan..

and he dont think its a good way to spend money on so called nicer-food-at-nicer-place on vday, where everywhere will be packed. And he say flowers not lasting, damn expensive, waste money...

He say might as well spend tht amount of cash on something tangible and more useful.. which i think in a way is true also lah..

I dun give him money, i exchange it with something else.. help him do stuff, i buy him stuff also.. his wardrobe also, 1/4 of it i choose wan..

depends how u see things wan lah.. takan u'r in a relationship u everything also want calculate meh omg.. Then he thinks he should be the one taking care of me and pamper me.. then takan i tell him "eh dun treat me so nice.. we go out i pay my food u pay for ur own." a bit weird right?