Thursday, February 12, 2009

I dropped Taxation but will be studying part time in KDU.

Means, I'm not studying Taxation in Sunway for full time.

Because, I dont like Sunway and I dont like extra classes.

I tell you something bout Sunway. I don't really know what's their problem but they give me a feeling of "you have to depend on us in order to pass ur finals". I depend on nobody and one thing for sure, IF i pass my exam, you're not the cause and surely not cause Sunway is so bloody prestigious and professional and qualified! I just need to someone to teach me and show me, I will study by myself.

And hor, other institution( with ACCA Platinum Status also) could set their timetable so nicely, but not Sunway. And at Sunway, for each subject, 3 hours one class and one week 3 classes. But other institution only 6 credit hours per subject per week. Yet people's students get Prizes and they get Platinum status. You're not the only one!

Sunway not only tend to spoon feed their student, but also stress them up!

Not only that. Wednesday, I have class from 8 am till 6pm. Such long hours, confirm damn tired edi ma.. hor? And now, they are adding one additional "compulsary" Financial English class and it's from 6.30pm to 9pm. ON WEDNESDAY!! Which means, I will have to stay in college for 13 hours!!!

Too much or not i ask you?!?!

So now, I dropped Taxation. Means I could have 9 extra free hours for myself. Not including, all the extra classes my former Tax lecturer required us to attend. And about extra Taxation classes, she wanted even to teach on this saturday summor. From morning till evening =.= Valentine... Go berromantic with ur hubbylah haiyo.. (she's newly wed btw) . But later i think cause couldnt get a class to contain almost 200 students hence was canceled.

Ok. Bout KDU. Classes commencing on the 22nd of Feb and only on weekend. 6 hours only. Usually start from 8am. So doesn't seem that bad (yet).. still have time for myself and my darlingboy and my dad and most importantly, no need skip church and would have enough time for other subjects as well =)

Happy ending!


carmen Lu said...

i anti Sunway Tes as well.HAHAHA.
~Jia Yin~

-Littlenicky- said...

yea yea i saw u.. but tht time was rushing so din talk to u lol..